Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Writing Inspiration

In light of the OPWFT blog, I want to share where my writing inspiration came from.

I would love to say it came from Jane Austen since I love her stories, or C. S. Lewis who opened my mind up to different worlds at a young age. But, that is not the case. I have always loved to read but it wasn't until I was in the middle of the Twilight Series that I had the thought to write down one of my own stories.

One of my goals is to write a high fantasy novel like Lord of the Rings. This of course came from the LOTR movies and seeing everything come to life on the screen. How totally dang on awesome would it be to see a world you have created come to life on a big screen? I think it would be totally worth all the effort.

Are you a writer? Check out the OPWFT blog and tell your writing story to get an After Christmas Survival Packet!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Early Resolutions

I already know what I want to do for my New Year's Resolution. It is the same one that about a few million other people will have as well. Loose weight.

I think we all really know how to loose weight. Ya really don't need the latest diet fad or anything. Those are just hopes or dreams we have that we don't have to do what we know to do already: exercise, eat healthy and eat smaller portions.

So, I'm going to start my resolution now, just for kicks.

Here's my plan:

Work out every Monday,Wednesday and Friday by walking 3 miles or having an one hour workout. Eating healthy and limiting myself to one portion.

I know, why would I decided to do this right before Christmas and all the goodies that come with it? Simple-because I need too.

Right now I am the heaviest I have ever been. If I can loose 5 lbs. a month; by this time next year my resolution will be to keep my current weight!

I chose to blog about this because I know its going to be a tough journey and this is something a lot of people need support with-including me!

I will try to make updates when I reach certain goals and things.

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Starting anew!

My husband feels called now to expand the ministry we have. Here's his support letter. If you feel called to help just let me know. Your prayers are much appreciated and welcome!

Merry Christmas,

This time of year we all tend to gather as a family and think about the baby in the manger; such an incredible child that lived a perfect life. This year has been hard on many families financially throughout our nation. I myself was laid off and I believe that now is an open opportunity for Joy and I to expand our ministry. Our goal is to expand and possibly look for a facility.
We currently have a ministry called Movie and Game Night, where we invite people over for a movie, games, food, and drinks. This ministry has had over 70 people that have came to it, with as many as 20 people attending in one night. Currently this ministry is done in our home. The ministry has helped us grow closer to teens and young adults in ways where we can be more involved in their life and tell them the gospel personally. We also host a Bible study, and have special event nights that we do for adults. We love being involved in these young peoples lives and expanding this ministry will give us a chance to build stronger connections with them, as well as do more for them.
We ask that you keep us in your prayers as we embark on this journey to spread the gospel and help bring people to Christ and His church.
If you desire to help give to the ministry and help us be able to go out and work this mission, let us know. We'd be grateful for any help we could receive in this! Your prayers in this are always welcome.

Thank you and God bless!

Matt and Joy Wilson

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Well, my husband and I talked to the AF recruiter yesterday and learned a lot of things. The thing that counted the most though was the fact that if my husband was to get the job as an officer, he wouldn't even go into training until 2011. He assumed it would be sooner then this and was dissapointed. I don't think he will currently be pursuing this road any longer. He wants a job now and has decided for now to just keep looking for jobs within our city.

I as a wife am working on being the best wife I can be to my husband. God is helping me keep myself on track and not to let any of the stresses around me get to me. This is probably the hardest time in our marriage but I know God is the one keeping us stuck together and I thank Him and look forward to whatever our future holds-because I can trust the hands its in.