Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The silence is broken!

Finally a new post! yay!!

Hope everyone had a good Christmas! Mine was different, but we made the best of everything and that's what matters.

So...here is what I've been up to while I've been away...


visiting family. :D

Listening to Florence and The Machine--check them out!!

Playing World of Keflings on Xbox 360. Fun game!

Read the book The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon.

Tell me what you've been up to in the comments section!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lucid Dreaming

So, I was talking to my boyfriend today about a dream I had. I don't quite remember it and I do know it was very strange and complicated, but one thing he seemed surprised about was my ability move around in my dream. By this I mean sometimes I'm not myself. It can be like I'm watching tv and just observe what is going on, and no one else in the dream knows I'm there. I can also choose to hear what others are thinking if I want, but don't necessarily have too. The boyfriend stated that he is always himself, and he only sees and hears what he would hear normally. Like, a novel in the first person.

How do you dream? Are you in first person each time, or can you be omnipresent? 

Friday, November 19, 2010

Slightly discouraged

So, I was looking at how many credits I would still need to take to graduate, and the number rolled around in the 50's. Needless to say it was disheartening. I have 110 now, and a 120 is needed to graduate. To bad mine are not in the classes need to graduate!

I'm just going part time, and with working full time I don't want to bring a full time school load down on myself as well. Which means if I stay with this major (English) I could be in school for another 3 years or so.

I'm torn. It might just be that I'm burn out from school currently due to writing papers out the wazoo and taking tests and all. I know I want to major in English, and that it will be worth it even if it takes 3 years. I'm doing fine, and it doesn't really matter how old I am when I graduate.

Well, thanks for listening (or really reading) to my little vent. On a much brighter note I am going to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows today!! I will most certainly come back later today and say how it went!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Movin' on up!

So, I've been waiting for a while to be able to post this, and now it is finally official! I got a promotion at work!

This is the first job I've ever had where I actually moved up a position. I've taken on different roles before, and done extra stuff to help out bosses because they trusted me, but never a new title. I'm excited and nervous all at once! But mainly, I'm proud of myself and am ready to tackle this new challenge before me!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Does this post make my geek side show to much?

So, I like Harry Potter. Yeah...26 and I like it. I've been asking my friends and family if they want to see the new movie coming out soon with me; none seem to grasp the excitement it brings though! Also, very few of them have even read the books. I mean, come on people, how have you not read the Harry Potter series yet? I own them all so I have been offering to play library.

I am currently re-reading the last book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. As you may guess, I am doing this to revamp the movie experience.

There seems to be a buzz going on about Harry as well. I, myself, am going to soak it all in.

So! If you have yet to join the millions who have read this wonderful series, I challenge you to get past whatever the reason was that was keeping you from it, and go for it! Movies of course are great, but books...so much better!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

I'm just not enough butter for the toast

Lately, and I am going to blame this on school, I feel spread to thin. It seems like I've been spending my time working or at school. People are starting to ask me when I can hang out and be social but I have no answer for them. This is crunch time at school, with tests coming and papers due. I see my boyfriend only because he comes over and spends time with me when I'm not hunched over a book I have to read for class. Sometimes I sit and read next to him while he plays a video game! Talk about time together!

I know education is important, and that I shouldn't really complain, but I feel like I'm letting people down and they are going to get upset. I have that, "my hands are tied! what do you want me to do?" feeling.

So far I've explained my situation to everyone who has asked to spend time with me. I'm not sure how I will fit everyone in but I will save that for a later day to figure out. I guess my question I am posing is how do you handle the spread to thin feeling? Tell everyone to suck it and leave you alone? Explain profusely until they understand?

I think as writers this is an issue that pops up as well. Writing takes time. Lots of time. When you are in the middle of writing you don't want to stop, but yet others seem to notice your missing presence. How to keep the balance?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Sims..aka a time consuming hobby

So....I play the Sims. I've played Sims one for a long time, upgraded to Sims 2 and enjoyed that as well...and now...I have Sims 3. Not only do I have it for my computer...but I have it for my xbox as well!!

For those of you who have played this game before, you know of its addicting qualities. It's ability to keep you from anything remotely productive and a hunger drive for more playing action.

For those who have only heard but not played, here's the deal. You have a character; you give them traits; you get them a job and help them achieve their goals. The end. That's the game in the nutshell.

As simple and easy as this game sounds, it craws into your life and stays there until you get totally burned out on it. Then you have about six months of freedom before the itch to play comes back.

In my games, I make characters of myself and am more concerned with building the family line. I'm on the fourth generation currently. My boyfriend, loves to customize items and is concerned with accomplishing everything he possibly can for his sims. So there are different approaches to the game one can have.

If you find yourself bored a lot, or just need a good break from reality, this very well could be a game for you!

Now...back to my homework so I can go home and play without feeling guilty. :o

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Oregon Trail....

So, today in my Woman's History class we talked about women who moved west. Which got me to thinking of the game a lot of us played as kids during our computer time at school. Oregon Trail.

So, with that in mind, I did what any normal person would do. After I ate lunch, I went to the computer and found the game online and began to play it.

All my people died on my first attempt. I lost some skills since first grade.

My second attempt went a lot better-only one person died!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Egg nog and Tornados

I went grocery shopping over the weekend and found what I had been looking forward to since the beginning of the year. Egg nog. I freakin' love it! I've been waiting and waiting for the stores to begin to sell it, and finally...its here! You can bet your bottom dollar that I got some too!

So..today in my first class we took a quiz as soon as I wanted in. Then, after we had all handed them in, our phones all go off saying there is a tornado and to go to the basement. We were down there for 45 minutes before they let us back up. No tornado came near the campus, so good news there. Walking in the rain all day with no umbrella, not so great.

In other news I printed off a hard copy of my novel. I did this because I am hoping having it with me will help me get through it faster than if I just kept it all on the computer. Seeing the stack of 190 pages has sort of a thrilling feeling. Knowing that it's all my words (and there is a lot of them!) and its there on paper is such a cool feeling!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Excited for next semester

I chose the classes I want to take next semester. No History ones! All English! History is my minor and I have just about all the classes I need for it. I have many more English courses to take still. But by the end of next semester I will have 3 more down!!

My schedule in the Spring will be as follows:

Literary Interpretation
English Lit since 1800
Professional writing skills

How could one not get excited about that line up? I mean hello!?!

Now I just have to finish out this semester strong....

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Elgan: Why book publishing needs the Silicon Valley way

Elgan: Why book publishing needs the Silicon Valley way

The bug is back!

My writing bug bit me today. It's back.

It's been dormant for a while now, but I felt it and I know within the next few days I will be at my computer pounding away! I've known my story needed some major changes, but I wasn't sure what they needed to be exactly. I do now, and I have some ideas in mind. Changing the story and editing it is a bit task, but my excitement about it is growing every time I think about it!

I've also given some thought to self publishing. Just thoughts. More research is required for me to make any decisions on it. It's just I've been reading a lot of articles about the book business and its gotten me thinking. Next time I read a good one I will post it on here!

And on other random topics....

I'm not much of a studier. I never have been. I know I know how simply because my freshmen year in college I studied for a full 24 hours for my statistics class and did so well on my final I brought my grade up to a B. Normally though, I don't study. I don't like to study. When I study I never seem to remember things and all I can think is," gosh I know I studied that! But what exactly did it say?" Instead, this is what I do: Read all materials required in the class. Do homework( if there is any). Take notes during class and participate in class discussions. Do I ace my tests? Not usually, but I don't fail either. I'm simply saying all of this today because I have a test in a hour and I haven't studied for it. So...naturally I'm a little nervous.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Is in a reading mood...

Last night I for some reason got in the mood to read some fiction. Since I've been in school I haven't had the opportunities to read like I've wanted. So...anyone have a novel they think is worthwhile for me to read? I have several on my bookshelf just waiting for me but I have a feeling this reading frenzy I'm on is going to last. :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New Directions

I haven't posted in a while.

My life is a bit different now. Nothing bad, just new experiences and new directions. Life has yet to turn out the way I thought it would. I take the turns as they come; I can't see any other option really.

So...here's my update on my life right now:

I'm in school. I'm an English major. I'm only taking three classes, two of which are history (I am minoring in History), the other being English. So far so good. It's hard to keep up with the homework but somehow I am managing it. I have a paper due today for example and about 3 1/2 hours to work on it before its due. I know I will somehow pull it off. :)

Work is going fine. Busy. I applied for a promotion of sorts. Not sure if I will get it but I know I do my job well and that is what I'm trying to focus on. I like my job, its hard, demanding and stressful, but worth it and rewarding. I'm not sure if its what I want to do long term, but for now it is where I need to be.

I have a boyfriend now. :) My divorce was final about 6 months ago, but I mentally and emotionally left that marriage over a year ago. My boyfriend is awesome of course. (all new girlfriends say this but at the moment I find it to be true!) We have such an honest relationship its just mind blowing. I'm wondering why I never had this type of communcation when I was married. Things are somewhat serious I guess. We haven't said "I love you" but I'm beginning to wonder and think about if I do love him. We've also talked about our future and what that might include.

My relationship with God is still intact. It has changed some, in the eyes of others though I would think. I work Sunday mornings so going to church isn't really an option. I'm not sure I would go even if I could. After my divorce I've been having to reevualate things, taking things in and into perspective. I was hurt so badly by a man who claimed to be a Christian its hard for me to look at Christian men the same now. I know my views on life are more liberal now. I think its me just getting out from under the thumb of my husband and parents to some degree. I'm thinking for myself and not apoliging for my views. It's scary and thrilling all at the same time! Living in a bubble isn't right. You can't hide yourself away from the world. Experience is worth it. Living and making the most of what you have is everything.

Writing is still postponed. I'm thinking about it more often though, and I can feel my urge to write slowly come back over me. This break from writing is nessecary, but annoying as well. I needed this time to learn who I am and what I want to stand for. A rebirth of sorts. Writing for school is what I currently have to do. I'm learning lots in my English class. Although the writing for it is more techincal it is still helpful to learn. I have a better understanding of editing and proofreading. Which is very exciting and for some strange reason actually makes me excited to read over my work! I'm looking forward to the summer where I will be able to work harder on my own writing.

Expect more updates. This is it for now.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Summer time!

I have now completed yet another semester of college. It feels great to have some free time again! This means I can focus more on my writing and exercising. I am hoping it will also give me some more time to hang out with friends and maybe even make some new ones. Next semester will be hard and I will be so busy, so I want to enjoy this free time as much as possible!!

On other random news..I dropped my phone in the toilet at work the other night. Totally sucked. It tried to stay alive for me, but ultimately met its death. I went the next day with some friends and got a new one. I love my new one! It's a touch phone and its so light and slim. I also made sure I got insurance on it!

Work is going fine. I am stepping up more as a staff member and it is a good feeling. I don't know if I'm making the right calls but I am most certainly trying my best! I love the support system at work and it makes it feel good to come to work knowing everyone has your back.

I really can't wait till the pools open.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A new project

I have started writing a new little project. The main character is based off of me. Most characters are based off of ourselves or someone we know so this isn't surprising. The only thing is I can really only work on it a day at a time, as since it is based on me and my life right now, I don't know how it will end! All and all it is fun to write it all so I'm excited about it all the same.

And at some point I will finish my edit of my already done novel! lol

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A very cool morning walk!

Went for a little walk this past week and came upon a beaver dam!

So here's how it went. I was walking along as saw this:

Well, this made me think of the big pile of logs I saw on the stream I just passed. So I went back to take a closer look. That's when I saw this:

The prints on the ground only confirmed what I saw done to the trees. Here's their home!

Hope you like my new friends! If I ever get a picture of them I will so post it!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Constant

New poem by me! Hope you like it and are blessed by it!

My Constant

The truth of my surroundings is hard to bear.
My life will never be the same.
Everything I have known is gone.
Yet here I am
trying to move on.
To work through the pain,
to reach a greater goal.
Things might be different,
but You remain the same.
You're my constant.
You saw me in my struggles,
hiding in fear.
You pulled me out,
and brought me here.
This place is new,
but my burden is light.
You have lifted the load
that caused my plight.
You are my constant.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


I sang a song in church last Thursday that really touched me. God used it to touch my heart and comfort me. I am weary of all the things that have happened to me and am ready to not be weary! God has provided a way for this. He has also helped me come to an understanding that healing will take time, and that I can't move forward till I have accepted and forgiven my past.


By New Life Worship

Find rest my soul
Confess you're weary
Surrender all
Embrace your healing

I will cast my cares
You have always cared

You have always cared
You are greater
Greater than the fight
That rages for my life
I have found my rest is in
You are brighter
Breaking through the night
Lighting up my sight
I have seen my rest is in You

Find hope my soul
You know He's with you
My Savior, God
Still I will praise you

I will cast my cares
You have always cared

His yoke is easy
His burden is light
I have decided
I'm gonna fix my eyes
On the perfector
The author of my faith
Jesus Christ

You are greater
Greater than the fight
That rages for my life
I have found my rest is in
You are brighter
Breaking through the night
Lighting up my sight
I have seen my rest is in You

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Starting the beginning

Today I moved down to southern Indiana. I will miss all my Indy friends for sure! I am starting my new job tomorrow and couldn't be more excited for it! This is the beginning of my new beginning! Soon I will have my own place and have my name official. New beginnings can be hard, and I don't expect this one to go without any bumps in my way, but I am resting myself in the hand of my Father, and I know He will guide me through this!

This new beginning is just one of many that comes in a lifetime. I feel so much stronger now than I have ever before and I know I am going to make it through this a better person.


Friday, March 12, 2010

moving on

A new poem by me!

Moving On

Seasons change.
Rain falls and washes away winter,
and ushers in new life.
Your holy rain is cleansing my soul,
washing away my cold pain.
You are bringing new life,
and making me new again.
I am ready to grow in Your wisdom,
so I can take on the heat of summer.
Your helping me to move on,
and to grow into something more.
Continue Your work in me,
that I might honor You.

Friday, March 5, 2010

My Shattered Heart

My Shattered Heart

There lays my shattered heart. Broken on the floor.
It lays there in shards, glistening up at me.
I can't seem to bend down,
to pick up the pieces.
Then You come,
right up beside me.
You bend down and start to clean
the mess someone has made of me.
You handle each piece with care,
as if it was a precious jewel.
You start to put the pieces back,
making it look as if it had never broke.
You smile at me and hold it out,
a perfect, shiny heart,
mended as if never broken.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Goal for this week, and maybe the next few...

True, I am in school and have much homework to be doing. So far though, at about half way, I have done well. If I can keep this up: doing my homework and getting it all turned in a few days early, then I feel I should have a little bit of time to work on my writing. Now, I still have to hunt for a job, and and apartment, and look for all of the things that go in an apartment, so realistically I am not sure how this is going to work, but hey, it is a goal and goals are meant to push us. If I can get my edit done by the end of the semester (May), then I should have plenty of time to write the last 30,000 words or so! Which means I could be back out there querying by August/September!

Okay, there is my goal for writing. :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Big Huge Thank you!

I am hoping this post gets a lot of hits because I want people to see this.

Some might know of the things I am facing in my life right now. They are not happy or pretty things but they are there none the less.

Maybe you know what is going on, maybe not, but I have had so many people praying for me and telling me words of encourgement that I feel I have to so something to say thank you. Since I have no money to throw a big thank you party a blog post dedicated to saying thank you is what your going to get!



I am so thankful and greatful for all the prayers and support. God has been taking care of me every step of the way and me "handling" things good or whatnot is totally and utterly His doing. I am so nothing with out Him!

Please keep praying, my road isn't finished yet and I have several hills to climb. If you need some prayer just let me know! I am always praying and glad to add you into my prayers.

Thanks again everyone who has been kind and supportive. God bless you!


Sunday, February 21, 2010


I have never really written any poems before today. I wrote two that have been images in my head for a while. I hope they help you and give you comfort.

Crossing the Stream of the Unknown

My path has lead me down a ways,
a way I would have never thought to take,
I stand before a rowdy stream,
unsure of which step to take.
I hold my foot out and prepare to get wet,
but a rock is underneath, holding my step.
I gasp with surprise and a smile rises to my face,
for I know You are there.
I take my next step with caution and excitement,
the water rushes under me no more,
for Your rock in there to guide me.
I give praise to You for each step I take,
knowing You are there guiding me.
My confidence in You rises,
as I cross this stream of this unknown.
Knowing You are providing,
You carry me across with each little stone,
right when I need it and not a moment before.
I make it across safely, and start
back on the path of life.

The Worry Wall

My worries come in all shapes and sizes,
and never seem to fit quite right where I want them.
I bend and break them to make them fit;
nothing ever works.
But You lead me into a room with a wall big enough to hold them all.
Each shelf has a place, a place for my worry.
I put each one there,
and leave them in your care.
Your wall is so big,and its room is always open.
I am safe in knowing,
my worries are in Your care.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Check it out!

I've been doing some work on my query as I am editing my book. I want to have everything ready for when I'm done so I can just go into submitting to agents. I just recently had my query posted in the blog The Public Query Slushpile. I also have it in the forums on QueryTracker. So please check it out and once I am confident in my query I will post it on here!

Friday, January 22, 2010


I just got done with a nice nap today. It lasted an hour longer then I wanted but whatever. I got two great story ideas out of it! It has been the first time I had a dream make enough sense that I could make it into a story! I usually don't remember my dreams but I think I will enjoy one day penning these stories!

Do you ever get an idea and think it would make a better movie than a book? I wish I knew how to write a screenplay.

Glad the weekend is upon us! Weekends mean I get to work on my writing! Happy Weekend all! Go Colts!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Hollow The Hollow by Jessica Verday

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
I read this book when it first came out and loved it. The characters really came to life and it was a hard book for me to put down. I would recommend it to anyone who likes YA books.

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How much batter do you leave?

I was making brownies for the youth that come to our house on Saturday nights and my husband caught me licking the batter bowl. He didn't want any himself ( I was willing to share) and then it hit me!

You can tell how depressed or happy a women is by the amount of batter she leaves in the bowl to eat!

Now, I thought that was a super awesome thought. But now it's got me thinking, do depressed women leave a lot in the bowl, and happy women leave none? I consider myself happy and I didn't leave a lot, but I think it is possible for a happy woman to leave a lot as well because we all know that eating the batter is very yummy! What are your thoughts?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

getting published and American Idol

I was thinking last night...

The road to getting published is a lot like American Idol. 

  • The thousands of people who audition are like query letters and only a few of those get chosen to move on. 
  • Your query might turn into a partial request, aka going to Hollywood. 
  • If your partial turns into a full and you sign with an agent, you have made it through the Hollywood week. 
  • Getting your book published is like making it to the top ten. You are in, but your not a superstar. 
  • Winning American Idol is like becoming the next Stephenie Meyer

So, there you have it people- American Idol is a lot like trying to get published.