Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Constant

New poem by me! Hope you like it and are blessed by it!

My Constant

The truth of my surroundings is hard to bear.
My life will never be the same.
Everything I have known is gone.
Yet here I am
trying to move on.
To work through the pain,
to reach a greater goal.
Things might be different,
but You remain the same.
You're my constant.
You saw me in my struggles,
hiding in fear.
You pulled me out,
and brought me here.
This place is new,
but my burden is light.
You have lifted the load
that caused my plight.
You are my constant.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


I sang a song in church last Thursday that really touched me. God used it to touch my heart and comfort me. I am weary of all the things that have happened to me and am ready to not be weary! God has provided a way for this. He has also helped me come to an understanding that healing will take time, and that I can't move forward till I have accepted and forgiven my past.


By New Life Worship

Find rest my soul
Confess you're weary
Surrender all
Embrace your healing

I will cast my cares
You have always cared

You have always cared
You are greater
Greater than the fight
That rages for my life
I have found my rest is in
You are brighter
Breaking through the night
Lighting up my sight
I have seen my rest is in You

Find hope my soul
You know He's with you
My Savior, God
Still I will praise you

I will cast my cares
You have always cared

His yoke is easy
His burden is light
I have decided
I'm gonna fix my eyes
On the perfector
The author of my faith
Jesus Christ

You are greater
Greater than the fight
That rages for my life
I have found my rest is in
You are brighter
Breaking through the night
Lighting up my sight
I have seen my rest is in You

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Starting the beginning

Today I moved down to southern Indiana. I will miss all my Indy friends for sure! I am starting my new job tomorrow and couldn't be more excited for it! This is the beginning of my new beginning! Soon I will have my own place and have my name official. New beginnings can be hard, and I don't expect this one to go without any bumps in my way, but I am resting myself in the hand of my Father, and I know He will guide me through this!

This new beginning is just one of many that comes in a lifetime. I feel so much stronger now than I have ever before and I know I am going to make it through this a better person.


Friday, March 12, 2010

moving on

A new poem by me!

Moving On

Seasons change.
Rain falls and washes away winter,
and ushers in new life.
Your holy rain is cleansing my soul,
washing away my cold pain.
You are bringing new life,
and making me new again.
I am ready to grow in Your wisdom,
so I can take on the heat of summer.
Your helping me to move on,
and to grow into something more.
Continue Your work in me,
that I might honor You.

Friday, March 5, 2010

My Shattered Heart

My Shattered Heart

There lays my shattered heart. Broken on the floor.
It lays there in shards, glistening up at me.
I can't seem to bend down,
to pick up the pieces.
Then You come,
right up beside me.
You bend down and start to clean
the mess someone has made of me.
You handle each piece with care,
as if it was a precious jewel.
You start to put the pieces back,
making it look as if it had never broke.
You smile at me and hold it out,
a perfect, shiny heart,
mended as if never broken.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Goal for this week, and maybe the next few...

True, I am in school and have much homework to be doing. So far though, at about half way, I have done well. If I can keep this up: doing my homework and getting it all turned in a few days early, then I feel I should have a little bit of time to work on my writing. Now, I still have to hunt for a job, and and apartment, and look for all of the things that go in an apartment, so realistically I am not sure how this is going to work, but hey, it is a goal and goals are meant to push us. If I can get my edit done by the end of the semester (May), then I should have plenty of time to write the last 30,000 words or so! Which means I could be back out there querying by August/September!

Okay, there is my goal for writing. :)