Friday, May 7, 2010

Summer time!

I have now completed yet another semester of college. It feels great to have some free time again! This means I can focus more on my writing and exercising. I am hoping it will also give me some more time to hang out with friends and maybe even make some new ones. Next semester will be hard and I will be so busy, so I want to enjoy this free time as much as possible!!

On other random news..I dropped my phone in the toilet at work the other night. Totally sucked. It tried to stay alive for me, but ultimately met its death. I went the next day with some friends and got a new one. I love my new one! It's a touch phone and its so light and slim. I also made sure I got insurance on it!

Work is going fine. I am stepping up more as a staff member and it is a good feeling. I don't know if I'm making the right calls but I am most certainly trying my best! I love the support system at work and it makes it feel good to come to work knowing everyone has your back.

I really can't wait till the pools open.