Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The bug is back!

My writing bug bit me today. It's back.

It's been dormant for a while now, but I felt it and I know within the next few days I will be at my computer pounding away! I've known my story needed some major changes, but I wasn't sure what they needed to be exactly. I do now, and I have some ideas in mind. Changing the story and editing it is a bit task, but my excitement about it is growing every time I think about it!

I've also given some thought to self publishing. Just thoughts. More research is required for me to make any decisions on it. It's just I've been reading a lot of articles about the book business and its gotten me thinking. Next time I read a good one I will post it on here!

And on other random topics....

I'm not much of a studier. I never have been. I know I know how simply because my freshmen year in college I studied for a full 24 hours for my statistics class and did so well on my final I brought my grade up to a B. Normally though, I don't study. I don't like to study. When I study I never seem to remember things and all I can think is," gosh I know I studied that! But what exactly did it say?" Instead, this is what I do: Read all materials required in the class. Do homework( if there is any). Take notes during class and participate in class discussions. Do I ace my tests? Not usually, but I don't fail either. I'm simply saying all of this today because I have a test in a hour and I haven't studied for it. So...naturally I'm a little nervous.