Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day One

So, today is my first day of writing. I have managed to spill out 2,425 words so far. Enough for my first chapter.

I'm not sure if I will keep going today, but I believe a break from the computer will be in order at some point. This new story, which still does not have a name, is coming along nicely. I'm writing it in third person, a first for me, so I'm a littler nervous about that. I'm afraid it will end up reading like a screen play and not a novel. I have a lot of dialog. I don't feel this is such a bad thing though, because I always love stories with lots of dialog and find myself skipping to it as well.

So far, I'm pleased with myself and am ready for this story to take shape. I know last time I wrote I had people who read my work and helped me. I am all for that this time as well so if you are interested let me know either on here or facebook me, or e-mail me.

I have to work all day tomorrow so I doubt any writing will be able to be squeezed into it. But since school is over for now I'm going to take total advantage of my new free time. :D