Sunday, September 25, 2011

My first wrestling Match

So yesterday I went with my best bud to see a friend of hers wrestle. I wasn't totally sure what to expect since I had never been a huge fan of wrestling but she's my friend and she didn't want to go alone so what the heck right?

This my friends, was quite an experience! I had some pros and cons but overall I had an enjoyable time. First off, saw a lot of abs, so no complaints there! That was pretty much the whole pro section, lol, but, it brought on a lot of thoughts for me. I watch the show Mad Men, and it's based in the 60's. I get infuriated when the men on the show subject women and make them objects (most of the time in front of the women as well). I felt like that was what I was experiencing last night at the match. It made me think of things from a different perspective. I'm not saying it is okay, it can be demeaning and just because someone has a nice body doesn't mean anything really besides just that.

On the cons side I can't say I was a huge fan of the fake. It made me want to see some real punches and hear the sounds and see the blood flying! Then I had to take a second to just realize that I was wanting to see real punches and blood flying! I'm not a violent person at all, so it really surprised me. I close my eyes in movies when the dudes are fighting, but yet when at a live match I want to see something that isn't fake? I just felt like in "real life" people would fight different. You would do your best to get back up and keep going and only be knocked out when you black out.

I set out to just have a fun night with my friend (which did happen!) but I also in turn learned some interesting things about myself. I too can objectify people, and I like punches to be real. My question to everyone out there is have you ever learned something about yourself from an unexpected event? What are your thoughts on objectifying people? Is it only bad until you find yourself doing it?