Monday, December 12, 2011

The Writing Mojo is back!

This semester I have had to write several papers for school. I still have one paper left. Not looking forward to writing it, but I know when it is completed I will be free to write what I want!

I recently read by best friends mom's memoir and it made me begin to think about my own life. I thought about what it would be like to write about my own ups and downs, and this is a project I want to explore. Just thinking about it and what memories I would want to include helped me remember things I had forgotten. This would be more a personal project, but I think any writing experience will help me become a better writer.

The other day I got out on the other side of the bed, different than the normal left side I get out of. I sleep in the middle of my bed so it doesn't really matter what side I get out of, but this simple action sparked an idea for a story, a story which I feel would be better represented in a screenplay form. I've never written a screenplay, but I have thought about it. I still need to sit down with a notebook and brainstorm more about the concept of this story, but I am excited about the challenge of learning something new.

Not sure about other writers, but for me, I know I'm in a writing mood when I begin to narrate things in my head. Such as, when making my breakfast I narrate my actions. "She then scraped the butter on the toast, eager to take a bite." I haven't been doing this for a while, so focused and stressed about other things than fun writing. When I caught myself doing it the other day, I was overjoyed! The fact that I was doing it without forcing it made me feel like I got my writing mojo back! Now, to conquer the last ten page paper so I can start on these two fun projects!!