Sunday, March 11, 2012

Entering a new phase in the Improve Joy Plan

So I've been working on a few aspects of my life these past few months. Stopped biting my nails and began writing again, but now it's time to start on something new. The big one...the thing the majority of people struggle with-weight loss. I need to lose a total of 45 pounds to get myself in a healthy place again, but for now I'm gonna make my goal 20. By breaking up the goal it makes it less scary.
I have a few good ideas to help me and I've set them all into place.
First, I got at job at the YMCA. Not only did I need a job but by working as a swim instructor a few times a week it makes sure I'm going to the gym. If I'm in my suit and already there I'll be more likely to workout. Also, I get a free membership! So now I have a place to workout even when I'm not working. :)
We have these big big cups at home, and I'm using them to drink water out of. I've always struggled with drinking water but by putting the Milo drink mix stuff in (you just squirt it in the drink) it tastes yummy and before I know it I've drank like 2 liters of water that day!
Breakfast is my other thing. Making sure I'm eating it. I'm a huge fan of sleeping so breakfast hasn't always been a priority for me. I used to think that because I didn't wake up at like 8 am everyday I couldn't have breakfast. But then I realized, breakfast is just something you eat as soon as you wake up, no matter what the time.
Eating several small meals throughout the day is my next goal in all of this. I tried it one day but I don't think I ate enough. Figuring out how much to eat in a small meal is kinda hard. I think I'm just going to eat when I'm hungry and stop when I'm full and see how that works. :)
Obviously eating fruits and veggies is big. I'm practically a vegetarian so this isn't hard for me at all.

My goal is to loose 2 pounds a week so that gives me 10 weeks to make this happen!! By posting about it now I have lots of people to keep me accountable and help me along! I'm sure I will post updates throughout my experience!!