Thursday, March 1, 2012

Me and my savy self

So my last post was in December!!! Yikes!! I guess that's a testament to how busy I have been! So many things to update!

1. I've started writing again. I've began writing about my past and the dark stuff that happened. It's been an emotional experience but I think it's one I need. This process has also brought me to a better place with my faith, as in I have some again. This I'm sure will all be talked about in more detail on a later post. :)

2. Datin' a great guy. :)

3. Job change!! I had some personal issues with how my old job did things so a lot of my down time has been devoted to job searching. I've got to join and start with two great companies and will hopefully find one more small part time job (interview Monday!) to help me keep everything paid. I want next spring to be my last semester in school, so taking more flexible jobs will allow me to take more classes. :)

So, in random news...I've discovered ebay! I've used to to buy and sell several random things, and it has been a good experience so far. One thing I've discovered is using it as a rental services if you will. Like, for example, I wanted to watch the show Modern Family (totally funny by the way) but needed to see the first two seasons first. So I bought them on ebay and then sold them back! Now I'm catching up on series six of Doctor Who (best show ever!) Once I finish it I'm selling it back too!

Joy's posting is back in session! You can expect to hear more from me each week world!!!