Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Thanksgiving to Remember!

As some of you may know, these past few weeks have been a little on the crazy side for me. Here's why:

The week of Thanksgiving I woke Monday morning, around 2 am, with the most horrible abdominal pain I have ever experienced. This had happened to me a few weeks before, and had gone away after about 3 hours. I didn't do anything the first time, thinking I had just a tummy ache from hell. Now that is was happening again, I felt like it was maybe something more. Just as before I began vomiting after about an hour of pain. Around 4:30 am, sill in intense pain, I woke my roommate and asked him to take me to the hospital. Hoping against hope that there really was something wrong with me and they wouldn't just send me home saying "You ate to much pizza." Turns out, my wish came true, and after some heavy doses of pain meds and and an ultrasound, my little gallbladder was to blame. I left the hospital around 11 am with my mom and grandmother, who took me home and an appointment with a surgeon was made. It took me 3 days to recover from that second gallbladder incident, which put he healthy again right in time for Thanksgiving. Alas, my grandparents and parents were all coming down with the stomach flu, so Thanksgiving was canceled and I was sent home in order to stay healthy for my surgery.
On the 27th at 7:30 am I went into surgery. This was my first time, since I have always been a picture of health. As nervous as I was before the experience, while it was happening I stayed calm. Nurses and doctors  were everywhere, asking me about every bit of medical history imaginable. Tubes and sensors everywhere. I simply watched and answered when asked, and waited. I have to admit, it was kinda cool to finally have one of those little light things taped to my finger. Since I was a kid I have always thought that would be a cool thing if you had to be in the hospital, and I finally had one myself. When they wheeled me into the OR and put this mask thing on me saying I would be falling asleep. I felt like they were kidding. They didn't have it on me all the way and I felt like it should be quick, but I'm assuming it worked because the next thing I remember I was being awoken from the best sleep I'd ever had and I was upset about it. Where was I? Why was I being woke up? It took me, well, to me, what felt like ten minutes to get these questions figured out and able to focus on what others were saying. The doctor came and told me that my surgery went well, although my gallbladder was highly inflamed which was unexpected. My parents came and said I had been awake for at least an hour, which didn't seem right to me. I was given water, which was wonderful as my mouth was dry and sticky. I cried this strange cry when I was asked to dress and leave my bed. It hurt, and I  just wanted to sleep.
Then I was back at my house, on the couch, with my water, happy pills, and heating pad. My family and friends came and visited me over the next few days and I was even able to go back to work, though I literally just sat there.  As my pain is starting to fade and I need less happy pills to keep me going, I can think with my clear mind once again. I'm glad I will never have to experience that abdominal pain again, and that this will hopefully be the most random Thanksgiving I will ever experience. This experience has made me so thankful for my family and friends who where there for me, helping me stay clam and putting up with me all drugged up. I may have missed the big meal, but I was still able to have a wonderful Thanksgiving appreciating those around me.