Saturday, March 2, 2013

I've developed a new hobby since working at the day center. We do a lot of art there and after going to a few art and wine classes I have learned to love to draw and paint! With my tax money, I went to my local art store and bought a starter paint kit!!! The Tardis from Dr. Who was a natural thing for me to start off painting since I'm a super fan of the show, and I've painted it before at work.

Whatcha think? Not to shabby if I say so myself!!!

Also...this photo was taken with my new camera!! It's just a small point and click Samsung, but I love it!!! I had to get a camera because...I'm going on vacation!!!!!!!! My wonderful boyfriend and I decided we needed one and are going to San Francisco!! We couldn't be more excited!!! So totally expect to see lots of pictures and a nice long blog about the wonders of California! I plan to sketch and take pictures of everything I possible can, as well as journal, with no worries as to how much of a tourist I look like! Getting ready to the trip has proven to be lots of fun! I have everything a girl could want for this adventure, and now I have a great new hobby to help me calm my nerves while I eagerly wait for my trip!