Monday, April 22, 2013

MY writing MOJO is really back this time!!!

Ever since I wrote my first novel, I have been trying to find that inspiration that helped me work my way through completing that novel. It hasn't come...not really, a few false alarms but nothing real...until last night.

"But Joy, how do you know it's for real this time, and not just another 'oh what a great idea!' moment?" Good question dear friend, and here's what I say to that: The excitement  my mind scheming for ways to make the story work, and how it would lead into other novels to follow it. I couldn't sleep! I simply had to write it down and counted the minutes until I could be at the computer typing away at it. It truly makes me feel like a little kid at Christmas.

So people beware  my writing mojo is back, and it's here to stay. No more are the months of no blogging, no more are the months spent watching tv and dreaming I had an awesome story idea. It has come, and I must put it to paper.