Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Book Blogger Challenge Day 10!

Only five more days left! This challenge has been so amazing. Today was the question I've been waiting to share the whole time!! Yay!

How do you choose what to read next?

I don't know if everyone does this differently. Some people I think go through lists, and just read down them. I'm a lot more pickier myself. I have to feel the book. First, I will look at all the books I have in my bookshelves and see if any just call to me. By call, I mean stand out, speak to me, make me keep coming back to it. Pick it up...look it over.

Although I don't always find a book that calls to me from my own bookshelf. If that happens, I take to the stores and scour. The same process as looking and wanting a book that feels right applies here too. I look at them, read the cover flap, and maybe the first few pages. If I find the book I want but it's not in my price range, I simply write it down and look elsewhere. If the book is the first in the series, and I'm getting into it, I quickly buy the rest. Worst thing is finishing a book and having to wait for the next one! This is what happened with the current series I'm reading. I had Daughter of the Forest, on my shelf for a few years. It finally called to me and I loved it! Midway through the book I bought the remaining five books. I'm now on book five, and have invested in a series I love and enjoy, and can now share with others.

Some series I have only read the first book, such as Ender's Game. Book two is hard to find, and I haven't been able to find it, or if I do, not in my price range.

Sometimes, I'm wrong about a book. I think I might be feeling it...but when I start to read it, especially if its a new author to me, I loose my interest in it and have to keep looking. Before I started Daughter of the Forest, I tried to read book one of the Wheel of Time series. About a hundred pages in I just wasn't feeling it. It didn't bother me, I know I want to read that series, now just wasn't the time.