Sunday, July 14, 2013

Book Blogger Challenge Day 7

Blogging quirks....

I, as every, I would assume, who writes or helps write a blog, has their quirks. Today I am supposed to tell you about mine.

The first thing that came to mine, though I doubt this could count as a quirk, is that I don't tend to post as often as a good blogger should. Also, I started this blog when I wrote my first novel, or shortly after. It seemed what any aspiring author should do: have a blog and create a following so you look good to agents and publishers. Since I haven't written in a while, and seem to struggle to find that same passion I had when I wrote my first novel, this blog has morphed into a blog about me and my life. From divorce, to rediscovering myself, to all the quirky stuff I like to do (tattoos, paint, ok so those things are not very quirky).

My hopes for this blog:

Do more book reviews. When I'm in school, which will be full time this fall and thereafter until graduation, it is hard to find time to do pleasure reading. So that might have to stay more in the summer.

Blog more!!! This challenge has really been challenging for me! It's also helped me see it isn't to hard to sit down and write a quick little blog piece. This is giving me the confidence that I could, just maybe, blog more often. I did put the blogger app on my phone so who knows!!

Not sure if this is about my quirks, but it's what my thoughts are on my little blog.

Oh! I've also thought about doing a giveaway. No details as of yet, but keep your eyes open!!