Friday, July 19, 2013

Day 11 of Book Blogger Challenge!!

* This post is a day late. Yesterday when I was working on it the power shut off due to a storm. It didn't come back on till late at night so you're getting the post now!*

So today's question or thing to do, is show off my top favorite blog posts that I have. Easy enough right?! : )

These are not really in any order, fyi, and you can find my top five viewed blogs on the left hand side of this post!

1. Entering A New Phase in the Improve Joy Plan is one of my favorites. I like it because it was when I really started to take control of some things in my life, and become a better me! This plan is still in motion. I was able to lose some weight, but, next week I'm going to begin delivering mail as a postal worker. One reason that job seemed so cool to me was the fact that I would be walking so much! Getting paid to exercise and do a public service- yea I can do that.

2. Online Dating Analogy would be one as well. I like it because I met my fiance through online dating!! It worked! haha I had tried multiple sites over the years, I believe him and I met on MeetMe.  He messaged me and if I remember correctly his first line was, "EXTERMINATE!!!" (This is a line a character says from the show Dr. Who on BBC.

3. Would be the posts on my tattoos. I tend to think about a tattoo I want for quite a while, where it would look best, and then if it sticks in my brain, I get it done. I have five so far. I did a post on my phoenix tattoo, (still love it dearly!)  and one on my BSG tattoo. I don't believe I did any more posts on my others, but that could most certainly be something I might post on in the future!

4. I am also proud of my post titled Getting published and American Idol. I remember when I had the thought for that post...I'm not going to lie, I was pretty darn proud of myself! It just seemed to make sense! At the time of writing that post, I was winding down my attempts to get published. All in all, I got two partial request in my querying days. For a first novel who had no idea what she was doing--I think that's something to keep your head up high about! I don't know if I will attempt publishing again until I'm finished with school. Writing is such a process, and if you want to be published you have to make your work the best it can be. That takes crap-loads of time!! I'm never going to give up on being a writer. I know it will happen. Traditional or independent, it's going to happen people.

5. This post has my query for the novel I wrote. Still wouldn't mind input on it! Writing is one of the best experiences I feel, and going back and looking at all these old posts and remembering what I was feeling during that process, brings back good memories!

It's good to look back. See where you have been and how far you have come. Sometimes we get discouraged because we feel we haven't done as much as well wanted. Just take a look back, and you will probably realize you are a much better version of yourself now then you where then.