Friday, August 30, 2013

Final Days to Vote for New Blog Title!!!

Look to the left of this post. Up there at the top. Right across from these words.
That is where you can vote for the new title of this blog!! 

Only two days remain!! I'd like to see as many votes as possible.

This weekend is my brithday, so consider it a present! As well as voting, I'd appreciate it if you left a comment below telling me why you picked the title you voted for. 

As I am going out of town for Labor Day weekend, when I return on Wednesday I will announce the new title! 

I'm really excited for this trip. My fiancĂ© and I are going to Arkansas, where my grandparents live, to visit. They asked us to move there so this gives us a chance to scout out our new possible home. My brother and two aunts live just two hours away in Missouri- so I will get to see them as well! 
Moving to Arkansas would be a big step, but as we both are ready to leave Kentucky we are pretty eager to make it. 

So, don't forget to vote and leave a comment please! After all it is my brithday! :p

I hope everyone has a wonderful long weekend ( or a regular one if your not in America) and I will be back Wednesday!! 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Day Five of Make an Old Friend New Blog Challenge

Engage with someone you used to hold anger towards.

This was not an easy one for me. Not that I hold a lot of anger towards people, but I knew who I needed to talk to when I decided to make that a part of the challenge. 

A few months ago my best friend and I had a falling out. It was hard, we were both hurt. I didn't know what to say to her anymore. I saw on facebook her updates of her travels, things I knew she had always wanted to do...and I wasn't apart of it. I wasn't getting the news firsthand. 

image from
When it came to day five of the blog challenge, I knew it was time I contacted her. Not to rehash our fight, but just to begin mending again. So I texted her. 

I was nervous! I wasn't sure what to expect. I tried to prepare myself for anything; no response, something short, maybe bringing up the past. 

What I got was a, "So what are you up to now?" conversation! We texted for almost two hours! We had so much to catch up on. It was awesome. At the end I told her I wanted to stay in touch and try to rebuild. She said she would like that. 

I don't know if her and I can ever go back to what we were...but we can certainly begin building something new. 

Letting anger get in the way of a friendship, or any relationship..might not be worth it. Anger is an emotion. Bitter is a state of mind. I didn't want to let my friendship turn into something so sour there would be no way to make amends. 

Sucking up your pride is so hard, but I feel its worth the risk. I never would have know she was open to trying to rebuild our friendship if I hadn't of put the past aside and texted her. We can talk about what happened when it's time. Right now it's just about being there to talk to one another while we start on new things in our lives. 

I know this blog challenge isn't for everyone. Reconnecting with people can be awkward. I want to get into the habit  till it isn't even a habit anymore, of letting others know how much they mean to me and that even if it's been a while, they can always talk to me. That doesn't make me weak, maybe a little awkward I guess...but I'd rather be known as the person that tried to connect than the one who left their old friendships behind. 

If you want to give this blog challenge a try, simply add yourself to the list and have at it! You can use the poster under the tab: blog challenges as well. I will do my utmost to respond to all your posts about this challenge and stay connected!! :)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Interview with author M. Lathan!!!

Yesterday I gave my review of Hidden by M. Lathan. She was generous enough to agree to an interview for this blog! I wanted to ask her questions about her writing process. As a wannabe author myself I found her answers very inspiring!! 

First, here's a bit about M. Lathan. (Bio taken from her website

M. Lathan lives in San Antonio with her husband and mini-schnauzer. She enjoys writing and has a B.S. in Psych and a Masters in Counseling. Her passion is a blend of her two interests – creating new worlds and stocking them with crazy people. She enjoys reading anything with interesting characters and writing in front of a window while asking rhetorical questions … like her idol Carrie Bradshaw.

Have you always loved writing? When did you start to write novels?

Yes, I have always loved writing. I remember writing a really bad TV script when I was seven. My mother pretended to love it. I was just that kind of kid, the kind that sits and reads then tries to create different worlds on their own. I wrote my first full-length novel in college. It was the first, very raw, draft of book one of the Hidden Series. School took my attention away, but I picked the idea up in graduate school and still haven't been able to leave that world.

How did you come up with the idea for Hidden?

I was sitting in Bio lab, bored out of my mind, and I opened my laptop. For some reason, I opened a blank page and just started typing about a girl who didn’t want to be in class. Then I thought … hummmm … why doesn't she want to be in class? I brainstormed possibilities, picked the one that made my jaw drop, then the idea just blossomed from there. I also have always wanted to have magic, and I found it fascinating to write about a girl who had special powers but hated it. It is the exact opposite of how I would react to that.

What is your writing process?

My writing process starts with an outline. I sketch out the first scene, then the last. Then I try to plot a middle, then the stuff in between. This almost always leads to me starting over, but for some reason, I can't get started without this method. So when that fails, I try to plot out “Acts” then the events that take place at the end of each act. Usually I’m ready to write at this point, and I flesh out an entire book, going from act to act, until I'm finished.
Then comes the hard part. I email the book to myself so I can read it on my phone or other devices. Then I scrap the parts that don't work (I am ruthless with the delete button). I try to delete boring or repetitive scenes, add better ones, delete those, add some more. Then comes the really hard part, getting into the nitty-gritty editing of awful writing and typos.
After that, it is not unlikely that I will want to start over from the beginning. At that point, I put the book down, read something I love just for fun, then I get back to editing.

What made you decided to become an indie author?

I've been writing secretly on my computer for years and my husband asked me if I ever planned to do anything with my work one day. After doing my research on the publishing world, I decided that I’d rather live in my fictional world, write about it for fun, and if someone happens to come across it on amazon and love it too, then that’s wonderful. I haven't ruled it out forever, but for now, I love being an indie author. I put out the story that I want, when I want, and how I want. I also make my own covers because I’m a sucker for learning new things. Some days I play with cover ideas for book three more than actually finishing it.

Any new writing projects?

I'm currently working on book three of the Hidden Series, Shattered. It’s been my absolute favorite to write so far. I also do character building exercises that sometimes lead me to tangents like writing as Sophia, Paul, or Emma. I never plan to publish them, but I do plan to post my writing exercises on my website for fun when I take a break from book three and cover design.

Pretty awesome huh? So not only is her book amazing but turns out she is too! Don't forget-her book is free right now on amazon! 

Also, I'm always looking for new reads! If you have a fiction novel (especially science fiction or fantasy!) you'd like me to review on my blog, feel free to contact me and we can see if it's a match! :)

Monday, August 26, 2013

Book Review: Hidden by M. Lathan

This is the first indie book I believe I have read. I've had a kindle Fire for over a year now, but haven't utilized all the awesome books out there that are either free or very cheap. When I noticed I could get books for free I downloaded about ten, Hidden being among them. When it came time for me to pick up a new book to read, this one stood out, and without knowing what it was about, I began reading.

I won't make you guess what this books about. Here's a brief synopsis that is listed on amazon.

 Sixteen-year-old Leah Grant has given up on being normal. She'd settle for stopping the voices in her head, intrusive visions of the future, and better odds of making it to her seventeenth birthday. That's the thing about pretending to be human in a world where magic used to exist - at any moment, her cover could be blown and she'll be burned to death like the rest of the witches. Everything changes when she loses control of her powers and flees the orphanage she grew up in. She desperately wants to be invisible but finds her face plastered on every news channel as humans panic over the possible resurgence of her kind. And now the hunters won't give up until they find her. Making friends for the first time in her life and falling in love with one of them drives her to discover why she is unlike any being she's ever met - human or otherwise. The dangerous powers inside of her that would repel Nathan, her new, handsome reason for living, are priceless to some. The locked up forever kind of priceless. And to others, they are too dangerous to allow her to live. Let's hope she can stay hidden.

My thoughts

This book was very easy to read and was very well written. I wasn't sure what to expect when picking up my first indie author book, but I'm glad to report I was very surprised! The story had great pace and lots of twists and turns.

The characters were developed and I was able to emotionally connect with them. I loved that the setting was taking the usual paranormal feel, but adding a new edge to it. By that I mean, the war is over, humans won and now the paranormal creatures are gone or in hiding. This isn't a concept I've come across in my reading. It was a refreshing take on paranormal for me.

M. Lathan gives just enough description in this story to help the reader create the scene, but not in an overwhelming sense. I have a hard time reading books where there is paragraph after paragraph of description. I like being able to use my imagination to fill in the gaps of the world.

Tackles the Tough Issues

This story also tackles a lot of issues that I just don't see in a lot of young adult novels. Bullying and depression being the main issues the protagonist is confronted with. As I used to work with troubled teen girls I felt this description was dead on. The mean girls in the book were so mean! It's sad, but I've heard girls in real life say similar things. ( I once had to break up a fight because one girl told another that Justin Bieber thinks she's ugly.) I myself was make fun of a lot in middle school. It had a major impact on my life at the time and if I hadn't switched schools for high school, I might not have turned out differently than I did.

You can find this book on Amazon and Goodreads.

Make sure to come back later this week to see my interview with author M. Lathan!!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Day Four of Make an Old Friend New Blog Challenge!!

Connect with someone you met online who has helped your blog. 

I like to follow a lot of different blogs, not all about writing like my own. There have been a few that have been more influential than others for me over the years. 

image from

As a new writer and someone who wanted to be published, I got more overwhelmed with the publishing process. Nathan Bransford's blog, really helped me focus on one step at a time in the process. When I started following his blog he was a literary agent, who has now turned author himself. As his following is very large, I wasn't able to personally tell him how much his online presence has meant to me, but that doesn't mean it isn't worth noting! 

Another blog I enjoy reading for awhile now is Operation Awesome. A blog with several writers, but lots of insight for writing and literature. I did comment on this blog letting them know how much I enjoy their blog! 

As other wannabe author's will tell you, Miss Snark's First Victim blog is a must. If you want to gain insight with literary agents and how they think-this is the place to go. I have yet to enter one of her infamous contests, but I have considered doing so once my rewritten novel is ready. 

When I searched my blog list for blogs I knew I had followed for years, I was sad to find out some of them haven't been updated in quite a long time. It's a sad truth I suppose, as I have come to know myself. This little blog has gone many months before without being updated. Blogging isn't easy, but I feel it is well worth it. There's too much to gain! Not only am I connecting with others through this blog, I'm learning (which is my new hobby) things, gaining a better grasp on writing for the web, and keeping my skills sharp! 

Friday, August 23, 2013

Day Three of Make an Old Friend New Blog Challenge

Talk to a relative you don't see regularly. 

I have family all over the United States. I don't get to see most of them regularly. I have one aunt who lives in the western part of the state that I only get to see about every five years (on average). 

I remembered my dad telling me she was on facebook (fb), and I'm fb friends with her son, my cousin. By looking through my cousins friends I was able to find her!! I sent the request and hopefully she will answer it soon. I sent a little message letting her know I respect and love her, and would love to start communicating more. 

On a lighter note, I had another aunt text me and say she found some interesting things via! She found where my great great grandfather (might need another great, not sure) came to America from Ireland! He was born in 1833!! She also found his draft card for WWI. She also found my great great great grandmother!!

My Great, great, great grandmother Eliza Howe
taken from:

Connecting with relatives...learning about my family history...I'm really glad I decided to challenge myself to reconnect with people! 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Blog Critique anyone?

I'm getting ready to start a new class this semester, one I'm totally excited about! It's called Writing for the Web. Blogging is part of the homework.

I've been reading the first weeks assignments in our book Writing for the Web and it mentioned joining a blogging critique group. I've heard of writing critique groups before but never thought about one for blogs!

So, like any good google blogger, I searched the communities to find this mecca for bloggers to improve their blogs...but it didn't exist.

Until now.

I started my own! Pretty simple really. Came up with a name, added a picture, and whala! I'm now the moderator of Critique My Blog google+ community group!

I want this community to be different than the other blogging communities on google+. (Granted, if you're blogging and not part of them it would be a good idea for you to join!)

My vision for this new community is to be a place where new and seasoned bloggers can post links to their blogs and get feedback from other bloggers.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Growing up I changed my idea of what I wanted to be pretty often. An interior designer, a teacher, even a radio DJ, but a writer was never among them. 

It wasn't until I was depressed, isolated in my marriage at the time,  that I decided on a whim to write down a story idea I had on my way to work. I wrote half a chapter that night at work and the story just took off. I had found this outlet and passion within me that I never knew was there. From that moment on, I've considered myself a writer and have worked to improve my skill. 

Now, when I read the novel I wrote, all I want to do is rewrite some pages and edit others! At the time though, I thought my work was amazing and couldn't believe I had it in me. Now I'm an English major, getting a degree in Technical and Professional writing. I'd love to get a job utilizing my writing skills once I graduate, hell, I'd love to have a job now just to get my feet wet, but even if I don't, I'm no worse off. I've been able to learn and write better than before. I've learned editing skills, how to structure my writing, design items for  the web, write academic essays, and harness my creative writing. 

My goals are to clean up that first novel that started it all, get it published, either the traditional route or as an indie author, and keep producing wonderful stories. Literature and writing are so dear to me, have been apart of my life for so long, giving me hope, escape and determination to want to make it on my own as an author. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Day Two of Make an Old Friend New Blog Challenge

Challenge for today: Talk to a college/work friend you haven't talked to in years.

My freshmen year of college I decided I wanted to be as far away from home as I could go. My parents who lived in Indiana encouraged me to go to schools within the state, but little o'l Joy here decided that a private school in Oklahoma would do the trick. I had relatives just a few hours away so no worries, right? 

It took about a month before I was crying to my mom on the phone saying how much I missed them. My brother, who was a senior at the time, was getting all the attention and seemed like he was having a blast with my family. Yet here I was, in an unknown city, 500 or more miles from my parents, broke, stressed, and lost. 

I was able to make some friends fairly fast; I went to the typical freshmen mixers and even went to a pick-up basketball game in order to meet new friends. Turned out I was the only girl! One friend quickly became my best friend and in a lot of ways the brother-in-standing. Once we became friends we did everything together! We would play basketball, go to the movies, walk to class, you name it. I was so happy I had made a close friend and it helped me not miss my brother and parents so much. 

After my freshmen year when I was back home in Indiana, I made the decision not to go back to the private school, due to it's cost. Luckily, this is around the time facebook started, so once my new school and old school were available on facebook, I was able to connect online with my freshmen college friends. 

Yesterday, when I decided to message this friend who was dear to me my freshmen year, I noticed I hadn't chatted with him on facebook since 2006 ( my freshmen year of college was 2003-2004)! Obviously we had a lot of catching up to do! He responded to my message very quickly and it was great catching up! He and his wife just bought a house and love where they live in Texas. I told him about my struggle to finish my degree and how I'm getting married soon. We also talked about staying in touch with people, and how it's something we want to work on. I love knowing my friend is doing well and is enjoying life. I don't think I'm going to wait another seven years to talk to him again!! 

How long has it been since you've connected with a past classmate or co-worker? Did their friendship at the time help you in your life? Would it be so hard to send them a quick message letting them know? :) Don't be shy! Just give it a try! (pretty catchy huh? ) 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Day One: Make an Old Friend New Blog Challenge

I had a wonderful childhood, my brother being my best friend through it all. My family moved around quite often, so I had to adapt to switching schools a lot. Finally my family settled in Indiana, and in middle school I was able to make a new friend. 

I remember we sat next to one another in our reading class, and she would draw pictures. I was so impressed! I remember thinking how cool she was and how I wanted her to be my friend and it didn't take long for that to happen. We would have sleepovers and listen to Hanson and the Backstreet Boys. She was learning to play the drums and I admired how she was able to not care about what the other kids thought and just do her own thing. At that age, it isn't easy. 

In the middle of seventh grade she moved to Florida to live with her mom. I was devastated but happy for her. The rest of my middle school career was filled with the usual unpleasantness. I was able to make a few more friends, but none as close as her. I was made fun of a lot, especially for my voice (I have a higher pitched voice) and being so tall. My parents decided to put me and my brother in a private school for high school, which turned out to be wonderful. I wasn't teased anymore and made lots of friends and can happily say I had a great high school experience. 

Yesterday I was able to facebook message this middle school best friend of mine. I told her how much her friendship meant to me at that time and how I would love to reconnect with her. So far I haven't heard back, but it's still early. I will be sure to make an update if something happens. :)

                                                             This is me in middle school

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Revised- 5 Day Make an Old Friend New Blog Challenge!!

So, today I was thinking and decided that the new blog challenge I created needed some tweaks. So here's the tweaks!!

First, I cropped off five days, I realized that ten days was a little too many. So, the new challenge is five days long. I also added a different thing to do for each day. 

I decided this might be easier to handle then how it was set up before. 

Here's some more details about what you can do for each day. Remember, your goal is to talk to people, via any form of communication, that you haven't talked in in a long time. By a long time I mean years, or several months. 

Day One: Talk to a childhood friend who has helped shaped your life. 

I would say with this one you could go up to high school, but that's it. Was there someone during this point in your life that encouraged you, taught you a valuable life lesson? Helped you realize something about yourself? 

Day Two: Talk to a college/work friend who you haven't seen in years.

Not everyone goes to college, and even if you did you don't have to pick someone from there. Maybe you have an old roommate you want to catch up with. Or someone who you used to chat with on break. 

Day Three: Talk to a relative you don't see regularly. 

My extended family is all spread out over the country. It takes a lot of planning and work to get everyone at the same location at the same time! (my grandma achieved this this summer! Go grandma!!) I know some people have family all around them, but I'm sure there is at least someone you don't talk to quite as regularly. 

Day Four: Connect with someone you've met online, a fellow blogger, twitter follower, etc. 

Was there a blog you read that got you into blogging? Did you ever bother to tell that person what their blog meant to you? Or what about that twitter follower who helped you reach 100? Did you connect with them? 

Day Five: Engage with someone you used to hold anger towards. 

This is a biggie. To be quite honest, I'm going to be a little apprehensive when my day five comes. Use your judgement and common sense for this day. If the wounds are still fresh maybe it isn't the right time. If the water is clear, maybe it's time to mend the relationship. 

So there you have it!! Five simple days of reconnecting. I tried to make this simple enough that any blogger could do it. If you don't have a blog, but still want to, feel free to post comments on this blog of  your experiences! It's about getting out of our comfort zones (I know their cozy but no one likes a  hermit) and reconnecting with people who have made contributions to our lives. 

Friday, August 16, 2013

Reconnecting: The Ten Day Make an Old Friend New Challenge

I've been inspired!! I loved doing the book blogger challenge and yesterday I came up with one of my own. Not about books though, about relationships and connections. 

The inspiration:

Since moving to a small town in Kentucky to be with my fiance, I haven't had as much time with friends as I would like. My fiance and I have a blast together, but it can be nice to hang out with others. 

This year also marks my ten year high school reunion....and I'm the party planner. I've had a hard time getting my small graduating class (there's just 22 of us!) to help me decide on a date and so forth, until yesterday. Someone broke the ice and things just started coming together! I didn't want to pull my hair out- I actually became excited to see everyone. My high school best friend messaged me and I had forgotten how funny she was, and how much fun we had together. A few days ago too I had a great conversation with a college friend of mine on twitter. 

After enjoying this interaction, it made me start to think. I've been connected to these people on facebook since it started, and yet I never really take the time to talk to them. 

I think sometimes, I know this is true for myself, I get caught up in trying to get followers for my blog or twitter, and not really stopping to focus on who is actually following me. This is a big fail on my part! It's great to get new followers and make new connections (google plus has been awesome for me in this regard, but that's for another post) but that doesn't mean we should forget those that have been there all along. 

I haven't quite decided what has stopped me before from just messaging someone and seeing what's going on with their lives. My fiance is always asking me how my grandparents or brother are doing, and seems surprised when I haven't talked to them that week. He's helped me see that being connected to others is not something that I should be shy about. I love it when someone messages me and wants to know what's going on. Why can't I do the same?

Here's my challenge. For ten days you connect with someone you know but haven't talked to in a while. It can be on any platform; a letter, e-mail, facebook, twitter, a comment on a blog- doesn't matter. You simply just step out of your comfort zone and do it. If you have a blog, you post on your experience. Maybe they didn't respond- how did that feel? Why do you think they didn't? Maybe that are working and doing cool things and now you get to be apart of it too. I'm going to be doing this challenge for the next ten days and I'm really excited about it! 

If you want to do the challenge too, super great!! If your going to post what your doing e-mail me or comment on this post to let me know where, and I will add your link to the list that will be shown on one of my sidebars. (still need to create it) 

P.S. Please vote for a new name for the blog!! Upper left hand side! Pretty sure you can vote for as many and as many times as you want! 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Book Review: Sevenwater Series by Juliet Marillier

I know I have mentioned this series before in posts, but I have finally finished it and I thought it would be awesome to do a review on the books.

First, just for fun, I'd like for you to try, in your head really, out loud only if you're adventurous, to read this post in an Irish accent. For those that know me in person I should say, it's a common known fact that I have a wide range of silly voices, and love talking British, and Irish when I can get it right! Scottish is a bit hard.

So, with our accents in tow, let's explore these Irish inspired novels!!

Here are the books in the series: (in order to! I'm so nice.)
Daughter of the Forest, Son of Shadows, Child of the Prophecy, Heir to Sevenwaters, Seer of Sevenwaters, and Flame of Sevenwaters. 

I've always loved England, but over the past several years I've become interested in Ireland as well. I mean, I have a claddagh tattoo for crying in the mud!!! I had the opportunity once to read to a client of mine. Her house was full of old books and I found one on Irish folklore and tales. We read every story and I loved it!

Perhaps that's why when I saw this book for sale four years ago or so, I picked it up.
It wasn't until this summer that I was in the the right time in my life to read it. All six books read the same I feel. Each starts out kind of slow, but not so slow that you would put it down. The protagonist in each book is always a female, and is a member of the Sevenwaters family. The books go in order of linage, until the last three I believe. They are all sisters and each has a different adventure they go on. 

The books are love stories woven into Irish folklore creating an adventure with otherworld beings that the girl has to go on. 

If there were any cons to this book, and I feel I'm such a harsh critic on this, it would be the dialogue. All the male characters seemed to have the same voice. Strong, yet loving, kind of crisp in their answers. This bothered me some because it felt like each new protagonist was falling for the same guy, or one that just talked like the one before. Obviously this didn't stop me from finishing the series. I really don't read romance novels to often (just realized this!) so maybe I'm not a good judge on that. 

I can't see a man enjoying these books as much as a woman might, but the details with the Irish folklore to me make this series worth reading alone. This is easy reading and exciting too! I read the Flame of Sevenwaters in about two days, staying up all night to finish it because it was so good! 

I was able to buy the rest of the series online, unlike how I bought Daughter of the Forest at a Library book sale. At I was able to find some of them very inexpensivly and get the whole set for a great price! 

Thank you Juliet Marillier for writing such awesome reads!!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Something all bloggers should know

I recently was wondering who this mysterious "vampirestat" was and why they kept visiting my blog. I wasn't sure why they were coming and if it was some kind of trick. Turns is!

I've talked to a few fellow bloggers on google + about this and they reported having this site visit their blogs as well. Turns out, this site visits blogs to get the blogger to click on them! Crazy right!!
Theres others out there as well. "adsensewatchdog" and "zombiestat" are a few others to watch out for. Don't click on them to see what kind of sites they are, they could spam your computer.

Found another post on this topic here.

Glad I finally know this stuff!!!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Can candy crush make you smarter?

I'm going to admit it, I'm one of the thousands who are addicted to the game Candy Crush.
I'm don't give up even if a levels hard! Like this level, level 105, took me almost a week to beat! Now I'm stuck at 109. 

Made me think though, this game makes me use my brain. I have to come up with a new plan for each new level I encounter. I think this theory could be true for most games. That's why we play games right, to be challenged and tested and come out winners? 

So here's my question, does playing games make you smarter? 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Blog Tours

Doing blog tours is something new for me. I've signed up for two tours and am really excited about it! First it feels awesome that my blog was picked to participate! What a great way to grow your blog and help out a fellow writer!!! Both tours are going to have giveaways so yay!!

The first tour I'm doing is the Endless Blog Tour. My stop will be Oct. 9th with a review of the book.

The second tour is the Dead Jed tour!! My stop will be Dec. 12 with a review as well! 

So excited for these tours and the possibility of more!! I've been downloading a lot of cool novels either for free or cheap from amazon lately and can't wait to read them and post reviews on them. I love the idea of reading independent authors works since I very well could be joining that group myself in the future.

(don't forget to vote for the new title of the blog!!!)

Monday, August 5, 2013

Keeping my head up

Today was a bad day, pain and simple. I made a mistake at work, and I'm not sure what the outcome will be. I should know by Wednesday at the latest. After I had calmed myself down, which took a while, I realized, with the help of my fiance, that its out of my control and that I should just prepare myself for the consequences, if there is any. I just got this job, I don't want to have to go looking for a new one, but I have a plan if I do (substitute teach, work at target, etc).

So, with all that said, I'm going to try to keep my mind on positive things!! I want to find a new name for this blog. Joy's Blog just isn't exciting enough! I'm going to try to put a poll up on the sidebar to have some help! So if you see it vote and on my birthday (Sept 1) whichever title has the most votes becomes the new name of my blog!!! Happy stuff right?

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Making the move

As some people that are close to me might know, I've recently gone through a career change. I think for anyone this is a big thing. I never really thought of myself as having a career before, but when I stopped to think about it, I did. I had been working in the mental health field for six years. Granted, that's not a very long time, but as I'm only 28, so that's a good portion of my working life.

Since I'm getting my degree in English, and I don't plan on teaching, I wanted a job that I would pay well, and give me time to write. To be honest, I really just needed a well paying job, as I want to get ahead of my bills vs staying behind them. When the job as a mail carrier opened up, I took it. This to me doesn't mean I will stay a mail carrier until I retire. I might, but I don't feel like I have to. I have a good paying job, helps me stay in shape, and is close to my home. Once I have my degree, and we move somewhere, I will probably apply to jobs that utilize my degree, but it's nice to know I have something to fall back on. Kind of like a pro athlete who decides to get their degree before going to the pros.

Changes are not always bad, even though they can be rough. When I was in training there was a lot of people older than me changing careers even though they were maybe ten years from retiring. Others were laid off, or had been unemployed for a while. It made me grateful that I had a job before I switched, and found one even after six months of looking.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Fandomfest Q&A with John Barrowman!!

The last Q&A we went to was of course the best one!!! Maybe for me it was because I'm a Huge Doctor Who and Torchwood fan, so seeing someone who portrays a character I adore made for an awesome experience!!!
If you've ever seen these shows, you know Captain Jack Harkness, John Barowman's character on both shows, is up beat and sometimes funny. In person----Woah!!! He had SO much energy!!!! He was very open about his sexuality, taking about his recent wedding to his partner. He talked about his love for Dr. Who and how if they call him he'd go in a heart beat! He kept the questions moving and was very entertaining. I laughed so much and had many " hell yeah!!" Moments. If he is going to a convention near you-Go!!!