Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Book Review: Sevenwater Series by Juliet Marillier

I know I have mentioned this series before in posts, but I have finally finished it and I thought it would be awesome to do a review on the books.

First, just for fun, I'd like for you to try, in your head really, out loud only if you're adventurous, to read this post in an Irish accent. For those that know me in person I should say, it's a common known fact that I have a wide range of silly voices, and love talking British, and Irish when I can get it right! Scottish is a bit hard.

So, with our accents in tow, let's explore these Irish inspired novels!!

Here are the books in the series: (in order to! I'm so nice.)
Daughter of the Forest, Son of Shadows, Child of the Prophecy, Heir to Sevenwaters, Seer of Sevenwaters, and Flame of Sevenwaters. 

I've always loved England, but over the past several years I've become interested in Ireland as well. I mean, I have a claddagh tattoo for crying in the mud!!! I had the opportunity once to read to a client of mine. Her house was full of old books and I found one on Irish folklore and tales. We read every story and I loved it!

Perhaps that's why when I saw this book for sale four years ago or so, I picked it up.
It wasn't until this summer that I was in the the right time in my life to read it. All six books read the same I feel. Each starts out kind of slow, but not so slow that you would put it down. The protagonist in each book is always a female, and is a member of the Sevenwaters family. The books go in order of linage, until the last three I believe. They are all sisters and each has a different adventure they go on. 

The books are love stories woven into Irish folklore creating an adventure with otherworld beings that the girl has to go on. 

If there were any cons to this book, and I feel I'm such a harsh critic on this, it would be the dialogue. All the male characters seemed to have the same voice. Strong, yet loving, kind of crisp in their answers. This bothered me some because it felt like each new protagonist was falling for the same guy, or one that just talked like the one before. Obviously this didn't stop me from finishing the series. I really don't read romance novels to often (just realized this!) so maybe I'm not a good judge on that. 

I can't see a man enjoying these books as much as a woman might, but the details with the Irish folklore to me make this series worth reading alone. This is easy reading and exciting too! I read the Flame of Sevenwaters in about two days, staying up all night to finish it because it was so good! 

I was able to buy the rest of the series online, unlike how I bought Daughter of the Forest at a Library book sale. At I was able to find some of them very inexpensivly and get the whole set for a great price! 

Thank you Juliet Marillier for writing such awesome reads!!