Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Day Five of Make an Old Friend New Blog Challenge

Engage with someone you used to hold anger towards.

This was not an easy one for me. Not that I hold a lot of anger towards people, but I knew who I needed to talk to when I decided to make that a part of the challenge. 

A few months ago my best friend and I had a falling out. It was hard, we were both hurt. I didn't know what to say to her anymore. I saw on facebook her updates of her travels, things I knew she had always wanted to do...and I wasn't apart of it. I wasn't getting the news firsthand. 

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When it came to day five of the blog challenge, I knew it was time I contacted her. Not to rehash our fight, but just to begin mending again. So I texted her. 

I was nervous! I wasn't sure what to expect. I tried to prepare myself for anything; no response, something short, maybe bringing up the past. 

What I got was a, "So what are you up to now?" conversation! We texted for almost two hours! We had so much to catch up on. It was awesome. At the end I told her I wanted to stay in touch and try to rebuild. She said she would like that. 

I don't know if her and I can ever go back to what we were...but we can certainly begin building something new. 

Letting anger get in the way of a friendship, or any relationship..might not be worth it. Anger is an emotion. Bitter is a state of mind. I didn't want to let my friendship turn into something so sour there would be no way to make amends. 

Sucking up your pride is so hard, but I feel its worth the risk. I never would have know she was open to trying to rebuild our friendship if I hadn't of put the past aside and texted her. We can talk about what happened when it's time. Right now it's just about being there to talk to one another while we start on new things in our lives. 

I know this blog challenge isn't for everyone. Reconnecting with people can be awkward. I want to get into the habit  till it isn't even a habit anymore, of letting others know how much they mean to me and that even if it's been a while, they can always talk to me. That doesn't make me weak, maybe a little awkward I guess...but I'd rather be known as the person that tried to connect than the one who left their old friendships behind. 

If you want to give this blog challenge a try, simply add yourself to the list and have at it! You can use the poster under the tab: blog challenges as well. I will do my utmost to respond to all your posts about this challenge and stay connected!! :)