Monday, August 19, 2013

Day One: Make an Old Friend New Blog Challenge

I had a wonderful childhood, my brother being my best friend through it all. My family moved around quite often, so I had to adapt to switching schools a lot. Finally my family settled in Indiana, and in middle school I was able to make a new friend. 

I remember we sat next to one another in our reading class, and she would draw pictures. I was so impressed! I remember thinking how cool she was and how I wanted her to be my friend and it didn't take long for that to happen. We would have sleepovers and listen to Hanson and the Backstreet Boys. She was learning to play the drums and I admired how she was able to not care about what the other kids thought and just do her own thing. At that age, it isn't easy. 

In the middle of seventh grade she moved to Florida to live with her mom. I was devastated but happy for her. The rest of my middle school career was filled with the usual unpleasantness. I was able to make a few more friends, but none as close as her. I was made fun of a lot, especially for my voice (I have a higher pitched voice) and being so tall. My parents decided to put me and my brother in a private school for high school, which turned out to be wonderful. I wasn't teased anymore and made lots of friends and can happily say I had a great high school experience. 

Yesterday I was able to facebook message this middle school best friend of mine. I told her how much her friendship meant to me at that time and how I would love to reconnect with her. So far I haven't heard back, but it's still early. I will be sure to make an update if something happens. :)

                                                             This is me in middle school