Friday, August 16, 2013

Reconnecting: The Ten Day Make an Old Friend New Challenge

I've been inspired!! I loved doing the book blogger challenge and yesterday I came up with one of my own. Not about books though, about relationships and connections. 

The inspiration:

Since moving to a small town in Kentucky to be with my fiance, I haven't had as much time with friends as I would like. My fiance and I have a blast together, but it can be nice to hang out with others. 

This year also marks my ten year high school reunion....and I'm the party planner. I've had a hard time getting my small graduating class (there's just 22 of us!) to help me decide on a date and so forth, until yesterday. Someone broke the ice and things just started coming together! I didn't want to pull my hair out- I actually became excited to see everyone. My high school best friend messaged me and I had forgotten how funny she was, and how much fun we had together. A few days ago too I had a great conversation with a college friend of mine on twitter. 

After enjoying this interaction, it made me start to think. I've been connected to these people on facebook since it started, and yet I never really take the time to talk to them. 

I think sometimes, I know this is true for myself, I get caught up in trying to get followers for my blog or twitter, and not really stopping to focus on who is actually following me. This is a big fail on my part! It's great to get new followers and make new connections (google plus has been awesome for me in this regard, but that's for another post) but that doesn't mean we should forget those that have been there all along. 

I haven't quite decided what has stopped me before from just messaging someone and seeing what's going on with their lives. My fiance is always asking me how my grandparents or brother are doing, and seems surprised when I haven't talked to them that week. He's helped me see that being connected to others is not something that I should be shy about. I love it when someone messages me and wants to know what's going on. Why can't I do the same?

Here's my challenge. For ten days you connect with someone you know but haven't talked to in a while. It can be on any platform; a letter, e-mail, facebook, twitter, a comment on a blog- doesn't matter. You simply just step out of your comfort zone and do it. If you have a blog, you post on your experience. Maybe they didn't respond- how did that feel? Why do you think they didn't? Maybe that are working and doing cool things and now you get to be apart of it too. I'm going to be doing this challenge for the next ten days and I'm really excited about it! 

If you want to do the challenge too, super great!! If your going to post what your doing e-mail me or comment on this post to let me know where, and I will add your link to the list that will be shown on one of my sidebars. (still need to create it) 

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