Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Revised- 5 Day Make an Old Friend New Blog Challenge!!

So, today I was thinking and decided that the new blog challenge I created needed some tweaks. So here's the tweaks!!

First, I cropped off five days, I realized that ten days was a little too many. So, the new challenge is five days long. I also added a different thing to do for each day. 

I decided this might be easier to handle then how it was set up before. 

Here's some more details about what you can do for each day. Remember, your goal is to talk to people, via any form of communication, that you haven't talked in in a long time. By a long time I mean years, or several months. 

Day One: Talk to a childhood friend who has helped shaped your life. 

I would say with this one you could go up to high school, but that's it. Was there someone during this point in your life that encouraged you, taught you a valuable life lesson? Helped you realize something about yourself? 

Day Two: Talk to a college/work friend who you haven't seen in years.

Not everyone goes to college, and even if you did you don't have to pick someone from there. Maybe you have an old roommate you want to catch up with. Or someone who you used to chat with on break. 

Day Three: Talk to a relative you don't see regularly. 

My extended family is all spread out over the country. It takes a lot of planning and work to get everyone at the same location at the same time! (my grandma achieved this this summer! Go grandma!!) I know some people have family all around them, but I'm sure there is at least someone you don't talk to quite as regularly. 

Day Four: Connect with someone you've met online, a fellow blogger, twitter follower, etc. 

Was there a blog you read that got you into blogging? Did you ever bother to tell that person what their blog meant to you? Or what about that twitter follower who helped you reach 100? Did you connect with them? 

Day Five: Engage with someone you used to hold anger towards. 

This is a biggie. To be quite honest, I'm going to be a little apprehensive when my day five comes. Use your judgement and common sense for this day. If the wounds are still fresh maybe it isn't the right time. If the water is clear, maybe it's time to mend the relationship. 

So there you have it!! Five simple days of reconnecting. I tried to make this simple enough that any blogger could do it. If you don't have a blog, but still want to, feel free to post comments on this blog of  your experiences! It's about getting out of our comfort zones (I know their cozy but no one likes a  hermit) and reconnecting with people who have made contributions to our lives.