Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Inspirational Person of the Week

I've decided to start a new series on my blog about people who inspire me.

Yesterday my aunt Sally messaged me on facebook telling me how my writing and pursuing my dreams gave her to courage to write a short story for a contest one of her favorite authors was hosting. She has also mentioned to before that she hopes to start her own blog. It's an awesome feeling when you know you've helped inspire someone and give them the courage to do something. Sometimes I feel we don't realize how much influence our actions have on others.

From left to right:aunt Sally, Mary (my mom!) and my aunt Susan
All of whom were very supportive of my writing
My aunt has inspired me as well! When I first began writing, having no idea what I was doing, she faithful read each new chapter I wrote. At that time in my life I was so depressed and down and fearful to tell others what was happening to me ( I was in the beginning stages of my divorce) that to have my family support me in my efforts meant the world to me.  Not everyone around me was supportive of my writing but there were some that were, my aunt being included.

I was so grateful she shared her story with me I wanted to share it with you! This is her story in her own words.

On a brisk, chilly January morning in 2011, I received an email from the public school nurse, Dana Bartkoski, asking for extra prayers that particular day. Before getting ready to teach my second graders, I quickly jotted down a message that said, “May God be your hands, feet, and eyes today for His glory.” Little did I know three hours later, God would use Dana’s hands to help save my life.

It was an ordinary cold winter day in the small rural town of Wheaton, Mo.  I had sent my students down to the cafeteria for lunch and picked up my tray as well. I joined my colleagues in my classroom for lunch as we had been accustomed to for several years. Before taking a bite of meatloaf, the room started spinning out of control. I collapsed to the floor. My three colleagues immediately sprang into action with not a spoken word. Dana entered my classroom and immediately started CPR and silently prayed God would spare my life. The other nurse (Karen) had been located and she ran to the school gym to get the AED. Together, they brought me back to life. My doctor later told me I died and if one thing had went one mili-second different I wouldn’t have made it. Nurse Dana came to my rescue and knew how to administer CPR and use an AED. I’m forever grateful. Now I am certified in CPR/AED. To God Be the Glory!

I know my family is forever grateful to the nurses that day who saved my aunt's life. I think it's wonderful she is sharing her story because it is so moving and inspiring. Love you aunt Sally!! 

( This link is the author my aunt submitted her story too. I love how on the page the author claims she is a hug expert. I love hugs!!!)