Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Keeping the Writing Train going!

Update on my rewrite

I now have two chapters finished!! I'm so proud and happy! Things are coming along. For a few days I didn't write at all, and it made me nervous that I might end up not working on this project anymore, like I've done in the past.

Not the case!! I was able to find some time to sit down and really work on things. I made an outline, added some things to chapter one and finished writing chapter two. Hopefully I will be able to begin on chapter three later today.

It's hard for me  not to compare my own writing to the books I'm reading. It makes me question my tone, and if I have too much dialog. I tend to write how I like to read. When I read I mainly just skim through the descriptions and thoughts of the character and search for "the good part" which is usually dialog. This isn't true for every book, but I would venture to say most I read this way.

My writing reflects this. Little details are not given, just basic ones, I let the reader fill in the rest with their imagination. The main focus is the dialog and what the protagonist will do next.

I already have a few people who have volunteered to read my story, chapter by chapter. My goal is to send out the next chapter at least once a week. I'm looking for feedback and ways to improve the story. If you'd like to read it feel free to email me at joydfanning at gmail dot com.

It starts off dark and is fast paced. I would classify it as a new adult science fiction/or fantasy. I also think it's a lot gritter than my first attempt of writing a novel.