Monday, September 16, 2013

Short Story Review: Reality is a Dream by Lisa Williamson

Reality is a Dream by Lisa Williamson

A few weeks ago I began seeking authors to review. I had several use the form here on this blog (look at the tab Request Review) and some come to me directly about their work, Lisa was one of those. She gave me three short stories to read, telling me to watch out because they were some of her odder stories. I wasn't sure what she meant at the time but now I do!

I loved all three of her stories. Yes, they are kind of odd but in a good way! I like how creative and imaginative they are! I decided to do a little review of Reality is a Dream simply because it was the longest of the three.
Another Short story

Here's a bit about the story: (in my words)

Aislinn was a lonely computer wiz who began working for one of the richest men in the world. He wanted to learn how to go into the dream world, and would stop at nothing to achieve this goal. Lander, the rich man, was able to track down Janus, a man who could travel between reality and the dream world. When Janus disappears before everyone's eyes, Aislinn is tasked to find him. Can Aislinn find Janus and save him from Lander?

My Review:

I liked this story a lot. I feel short stories are hard to write because you really have to limit what information you give the reader. You don't have the time or space to go into details why two characters are drawn to each other, you simply just have to state it and hope the reader goes along with it.
I feel Lisa did a great job at this. She was able to establish her characters in a limited amount of space. I was still able to feel for Aislinn even though I just began reading about her.

Although this story is odd, it is so creative and imaginative that I feel more drawn into it than turned off. As a science fiction fan I love the unknown, odd things. My own novel has this feel as well.

I would recommend Lisa's short stories. You can buy them very cheap and get a break from ordinary works!

Lisa has a blog as well, which can be found here.

Here is the link to her Kobo author page with all the stories she has for sale. I also read A Trap of Eyes and All That There Was.

Do you enjoy writing short stories? I do and I like the challenge of writing them as well.