Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Wild Wild West or the New Frontier? I say Both!!!

I can still remember when Facebook was the new thing. I was in college, and it was all the rave. Everyone joined it and used it. Goodbye myspace there's a new guy in town!!

It's been about ten years now ( I know right?) since facebook came around. Been a movie about it and now grandparents are on it. I would even go as far to say that sometimes you don't feel like something is "official" in a relationship till it's been confirmed on facebook. (This is a sad, but yet true topic but we will save it for another day.)

Don't get me wrong, I made a facebook page for my blog yesterday. Please check it out! The link is on the left. I mainly just use facebook though to talk to family and friends and be nosey.

Then came Twitter. This social media format has only been around for about seven years! It took facebook to another level. It made it acceptable to tell anyone who would be willing to read it- what you're doing. I have a Twitter account as well. Once I got over 100 followers (I'm only at 132 as of now) I began tweeting more. Honestly though, I never quite know what to tweet about!

Thus, I now come to the newcomer- Google+. This new way of social media has only been around since January! (Found that on wikipedia)

I feel like google+ is the place to be. It's the "happening" place. Here is how I would describe it:

It's the new frontier of social media..and it's so hot and new anything can happen-just like the wild wild west.  Basically it's one of the best kept secrets out there....except it's not a secret!

I have had a gmail account for goodness knows how long! Several years for sure. I noticed at some point that just by having a gmail account, I had a google profile. Well...if you have gmail you still have a google profile! It's a google+ one. So you very well could be on this awesome social networking site and not even know it! Crazy!!

When you click on your profile (here's mine)  if you go to the right side of your screen, you will see a red box with a white g, scroll over it and a drop menu opens up. Move to the little green circle that says communities and prepare to begin  your travels west.

This is where you will find me, and probably thousands of others who share your interests. There is a community for everything just about. If you don't see what you want- create your own! That's what I did! This isn't something limited to bloggers either. Grandma's can post cat pictures there as well, even start a community where people just posts pictures of cats! It's all there just waiting for you to go explore, make new friends from all over the globe, and be awesome.