Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Writer Discouraged-Never!

I've had a lot going on, with the whole getting married and going to Vegas. I've been home about a week now and have finally gotten caught up on everything and back into my routine. Though I have developed my addiction to the Sims again. So distracting!

I've also taken to going for walks, and while on those said walks I think about my novel. I haven't worked on it since before we left for Vegas so I'm feeling a little guilty.

Also though...I got discouraged. I had this thought that my novel wasn't original enough. It made me second guess myself. It took me a while to overcome this and just say:

"Joy Denaze! You get your head in the game! You want to be an author right? (Right.) Then just write the damn story! If changes need to be made make them during the edit time."

(Yes I talk to myself..and answer back. This should not be very surprising I would think.)  :)

My self pep talk worked! I'm ready to begin writing again and where I left off. My writing goal for this month is to write a chapter a week. That to me, seems very doable.
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Here's what got me down though.

The characters in my novel travel to other planets/worlds. They do so through a device that they have. (It's a watch like thing but after seeing all those commercials for that new phone/watch I think I might change it somehow.) They don't use a spaceship, it's more like Stargate. But there is no gate see, just a "portal" that the device detects. They just press a button and wham! They are in the other world....just like when you walk through the Stargate, well...expect there is no tunnel or anything. So I guess it's more like teleportation but its not. would think as a writer I would be better at explaining it! Since they travel to other planets/worlds not using a spaceship, it made me feel that it was to Stargate-ish.

Do you think my mode of transporting my characters is to close to something else that has already been made?

Tomorrow I'm going to post on how stories are just collections and pieces of other stories. :)