Monday, October 21, 2013

Review of Eye of Odin by Andrew Linke

About the Book:

A long-lost document... 
When Oliver Lucas captures the research journal of a rival treasure hunter, he uncovers the key to a historical riddle that has eluded him for over a decade. Excited at the prospect of finally unraveling this mystery, Oliver sets off for Germany, where a simple business meeting quickly turns deadly. 

Clues hidden in Wagner's operas... 
Pursued by a supernatural killer, Oliver journeys to the legendary Neuschwanstein Castle to capture a mysterious document from the personal collection of Richard Wagner. Little does Oliver expect that his search will bring him face to face with the man once known as Odin, who offers Oliver his assistance in exchange for a dangerous favor. 

A conspiracy as old as mankind... 
Betrayed by a colleague and hunted by supernatural powers, Oliver finds himself trapped in the middle of a struggle between humanity, ancient gods, and a secretive order of angelic beings tasked with guarding a deadly relic.

My Review:

*I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review*

I wasn't sure what to think about this book before I read it. I had no idea if I would like it or not honestly. After the first chapter though, I was hooked. This book has an Indiana Jones feel to it, as well as a Davinci Code.

You follow Oliver on this incredible journey and learn about Norse gods and secret orders. It was a great ride/read and I loved every minute of it! I don't read adventure novels much but it has as much excitement as a great fantasy novel, which I do read a lot.

This book was hard to put down and I can't really imagine anyone not enjoying it. I thought it was pleasantly well written and well thought out. I wasn't able to see every twist coming which was refreshing. There is a lot of descriptions in this book, but not to the point where it wears down the story. Plus..if you live for the action like me, you can easily skip over it and get to the good stuff.

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About the Author:

Andrew Linke is the author of the Oliver Lucas Adventures series of novels, as well as other tales of fantasy and science fiction.

A voracious consumer of stories, Andrew is eager to create his own tales and share them with the world. He believes in the power of stories to transport, and transform, their readers in new and exciting ways. Whether they are told in the form of spoken tales around a campfire, leather-bound novels, audiobooks, films, or videogames, Andrew believes that stories have the power to move people by letting them experience life from the perspective of someone else.

Andrew currently works as a middle-school English teacher in Virginia. In the past he has worked with church youth groups, made pottery, and spent seven summers working at a Boy Scout camp. When not working, he enjoys gardening and playing strategy games with close friends and family.