Thursday, November 7, 2013

Making it Work

So, as I've mentioned a few days ago, I've started a new job. I'm still in the middle of my first week but I'm finally coming to the mindset of "I got this." 

My training lasts for seven weeks! My hours are kinda weird but I'm making it work! My lovely husband has dinner ready for me (I don't get home till about 8 pm) and we talk and hug, and then I do some homework, write for an hour or so, and watch tv or read. So exciting huh!? lol

I was worried though. Worried I wouldn't be able to juggle school full time as well as working full time. Top it all off with trying to write a novel on the side and it makes for some good worry.

I only had a few friends at my old workplace. I didn't seem to fit in really well, although I loved that job. I'm wanting to make friends at this job so I won't feel so alone! I am too!

I live in the middle of Kentucky though (for those who are not American's that means there are a lot of 'country' people in this area. Hunters, backwoods types.) and I'm a city girl. Although I don't understand everything they are saying, my being a city girl doesn't seem to throw them off to much. Though none of them seem to be as into science fiction or writing novels as I am. Who cares though? Live and let live right? I'm really enjoying myself and putting myself out there.

Today at work we talked about "the turtle man." Everyone seemed to know who he was, as he lives close to my workplace, but I had no idea.

This is what they were talking about!  (Please note this man does not represent everyone in Kentucky!!)