Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Review of Mortom by Erik Therme

 Mortom: population 986. On the outskirts of town, 33-year-old Craig Moore is found drowned in the lake. A loner and town eccentric, few attend the funeral.

One week later Andy Crowl arrives in Mortom, still stunned by his cousin's death and equally confused why everything was left to him. The two hadn't spoken in years and shared little outside of fierce childhood competition.

But Craig hardly did him a favor. The estate amounts to little more than a drained bank account and a property overridden with junk. When Andy finds a dead rat under the refrigerator with a key in its mouth, he thinks it's some sort of sick joke. Then he finds the letter left by Craig, written two days before his death ... detailing the rules of "the game."

*I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review* 

Who doesn't love a good mystery? I don't read many mystery novels but this book has changed that. Not only is this story very well written it is also paced so well that you simply can't stop reading it. It has a dark sense to it, but humor as well as you follow Andy and his sister to try to figure out what happened to their cousin. 

One thing I liked about this novel was how easy it was to relate to Andy. He's divorced and struggling, out of a job and has nothing to lose. Sadly to say I've been there before, and could totally see myself jumping to figure out the mystery if I had been in his position. 

I can't imagine anyone not enjoying this story. Even if you don't read mystery novels-give this one a try! Totally worth the read!!!! 


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