Sunday, May 17, 2015

It is time...

Back in 2009 I had this crazy idea while driving in my car to work. Later that night at work when I had some time alone, I wrote down that idea on a piece of paper and took it home with me, and within 3 months I had a novel. I was so excited that I had written a book, so happy that I had found something in me that I never knew was there. My family and friends read it and loved it, so I sent it out to agents to get it published. I eagerly awaited responses and out of the many I sent out only two replied back with positive answers, wanting the first fifty pages of my novel. I sent them those pages and waited some more only to learn that they would reject my story.

From that point on my story has sat on multiple thumb drives and computers collecting digital dust just waiting. I would tell people every so often I wrote a novel, they would eagerly asked if it was published and what it was about and all the appropriate questions one asks when learning someone is a writer, and I would say is that it's just on my computer at home. Then I met a friend at work who sparked my interest again in my novel. She talked about writing her own and kindled my own interest in rereading my work. So one lazy day I found the file, opened it up and began to read it. I had forgotten how much I liked it. It really wasn't half bad. So what if people from six years ago thought it wasn't good enough, that was so long ago! I owned a kindle now, I read so many indie books myself! Why couldn't this little book be one of them! What good is it doing sitting on my computer collecting digital dust!?

So it's time. It's time to get this thing published. No more collecting dust. I don't care how, it's going to happen. I'm giving it a good edit but then it's ready. Should I try query letters and agents again? An e-book publisher? Just uploading it to Amazon and bam! I'm not sure yet. This blog started as my writing journey, morphed into about the books I was reading and now is once again back to being about the aspiring author I am. I will be a published author.