Monday, August 22, 2016

Book Review of Sinful Cinderella by Anita Valle

I'm not who they think I am. A docile girl who meekly obeys her stepmother and stepsisters. Some kind of sick angel who cheerfully bears their mistreatment. That's what I WANT them to think. Because then they won't suspect what I'm really up to.

The ball, the prince - it's all part of my plan to come out on top. Stepmother and her demented daughters will pay for every floor I have scoured, every sneer I have borne. They don't know about the white magic, how I use it to enhance myself. They can't see that my heart is black as midnight, rotten as a poisoned apple.

They're about to find out.

This is a fun quick read and for the most part I enjoyed all of it. For some reason it being in first person kind of bothered me, but not to the point that I stopped reading. I liked reading this classic tale from a new prespective. 

To be honest I really wasn't expecting the ending! The ending,while not happy, made me excited and wanting to keep reading more. The ending alone will make me want to read the next book and see how everything plays out! 

If you liked fairy tales growing up and dark stories now, than this book my friend is perfect for you! 

Also, it's free right now on Amazon! 

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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Less Reviews, More Writing

This coming Monday I will start my final fall semester. It's going to be the toughest I've ever attempted as I will be working 40 hrs a week (sometimes 45) and taking 12 credit hours. Needless to say my leasure reading will take a hit.

I am an English major though! I will be taking a fiction writing class as well as an American Liturature class. I plan to post my writings from these classes on my blog as they come along.

Authors: You can still request a review but please understand it might be a while before I can get to it, think December or even May.