Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Book Review of A Passport to a Nation of Talking Slugs and Other Stories by Andrew Kozma

A Passport to a Nation of Talking Slugs is a collection of weird, speculative fiction containing four stories of people exploring strange places and situations, from a newly-discovered civilization of six-foot-tall talking slugs to being haunted by a man in a dark chocolate suit. Whether waking up in a prison camp or navigating a city full of copies of themselves, the characters in these stories are bent on understanding their world, even if that understanding also means the end of the world they thought they knew.

Andrew Kozma’s fiction has been published in Drabblecast, Albedo One, Interzone, and Daily Science Fiction. His book of poems, City of Regret (Zone 3 Press, 2007), won the Zone 3 First Book Award. His previous collections of short fiction are The Year of the Stolen Bicycle Tire and Other Stories and You Have Been Murdered and Other Stories.

*I was given a copy of this novel in exchange for my honest review*

This eccentric collection of stories is for anyone with an open mind. Well written and thought provoking, each story brings up ideas and questions leaving the reader in a state of wonderment. I won't lie, I'm not sure I fully grasped everything these stories have to offer; this is one of those books that is worth a second reading. Great news is, it's not very long so a second or third reading is very doable. The creativity of the worlds each story creates is amazing and the flow and use of words work great. If you like being forced to think outside the box then this is a book you need to pick up.