Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Simulation Theory and Science Fiction

I have loved science fiction since I was in elementary school. My first science fiction book I got a library book sale was The City of Gold and Lead by John Christopher. I remember my mind being blown and before I even realized it, I was hooked.

I have been watching and reading various science fiction stories ever since. When I have story ideas they almost always are in the science fiction genre. Now, I know this is a nitch genre. I think a lot of us enjoy Star Wars and other uber-popular science fiction stories. This makes me wonder though, how many of us actually stop to contemplate all the possibilities for our universe.

About a month ago I stumbled upon a scientific theory that really caused me to question and think about our universe. This theory is the simulation theory. I'm still devouring information on it and writing out my notes, trying to make sense of everything I am learning. is pointing to the fact that the movie The Matrix is closer to what reality is than what we have thought. Just let that sink in.....

We could be a sim in a game like The Sims, but we are becoming a sim that knows it is in the sims game. Uh...yeah.

What really gets crazy is that scientist from different studies are coming to this same conclusion. I am no scientist but as a person who questions everything, this is all almost overwhelming to me.

As a writer, story ideas are just oozing out of my brain at such a fast rate I can hardly keep up. This is a great problem to have, especially right before national novel writing month.

This also gets me excited for the future! What will we learn about our reality now with this theory at the forefront?

I encourage you to seek out some understanding on this. It does take an open mind I feel. In science, we question everything and want to keep an open mind, but I think most of the time we think we "are open" but really don't want to have to change our thinking if we don't have too. The truth is always a hard pill to swallow.

I'm now at the point where I can accept that what I perceive as my reality may not be a true representation of the true reality, but where does that leave our consciousness? Do we still have souls?

Like I said, these questions make for amazing novel ideas!

So, take a deep breath and watch this video below. See if your mind is blown as well! What do you think? Could we really be in a simulated reality?