Friday, February 9, 2018

Now Accepting Books to be Reviewed!

I'm ready to get back into reading whatever books come my way! I love working with authors and reading their works. If you want your book to be reviewed on my blog, please just fill out the form under the Review Request tab above.

I'm really excited for this little blog this year. I have a laptop again which for me means writing can become apart of my every day again. When I'm not writing myself though, I want to read!

So, if your book happens to be science fiction or fantasy, you have landed in the right place! All genres are welcome, but please be aware that I'm only going to accept to review books that really spark my interest.

I love helping authors though, so with that said, even if I don't end up reviewing your novel, we can still find a way to showcase it on The Aspiring Author.

I'm also debating the idea of starting a rating system to go along with my reviews. What types of things do you look for most when reading a book review?