Thursday, May 24, 2018

Welcome Alexa McGinnis Our New Fantasy Contributor!

Alexa McGinnis has had a vast imagination all her life and enjoyed immersing herself in the fictional worlds of the books she read. She finally began writing in middle school when she was chosen to be a part of a musical collaborative group that would write their own music, vocals, and instruments. As time passed she steered away from writing and more on her academics, until one night she had a dream she couldn’t shake.
Quickly she wrote it down only to realize she had written her first draft of her first book with very little effort!
Once again life got in the way and she put the pen back down. It wasn’t until ten years later that she picked her craft back up to complete.
Alexa writes a mixture of urban fantasy, YA, and action, though she does enjoy dabbling in the other genres now and then. Her novel Kaneji: A Curious World Unknown is set to be released spring of 2019 with a trail of short stories released before then.

When did you first know you wanted to become a writer?

I still toy with the idea of becoming a writer! It baffles me to know that I have not only written a book but had it edited by professionals and getting it prepped for publishing!

What draws you to your particular genre?

I love magic! I grew up watching charmed and reading harry potter. To me, it's like releasing your true self and not being tied down by what reality says we can do.

What can readers of The Aspiring Author Blog expect to gain from your posts?

That's a good question because on any given day one of my many personalities might be reading its face. One day I might be inspirational, the next I might be silly and goofy, you just never really know what you're gonna get with me.

What's one tip you have for aspiring authors in your genre?

Finish the book! Don't worry about the marketing, publishing, covers, editors, or betas, until you finish the book, the first draft I mean. You will only stress yourself out more, trust me.

Alexa's posts on Fantasy on the first Tuesday of every month.