Monday, May 21, 2018

Welcome Alice Cotton Our New Children's Lit Contributor!

About a month ago I posted about adding contributors to the blog. It's such an honor to have these amazing writers join me in bringing more content to this blog. This week there will be a spotlight on each new contributor. Each of them brings something unique to the table and I'm so excited to have them! Help me give a nice big welcome to Alice Cotton today who will head up posts on children's lit. 

-Joy D. Fanning 

Alice Cotton is a professional musician, author and artist who has been playing music and creating stories for children since the age of 8 when she bravely put her head under her father’s grand piano. With ears next to the piano strings, she listened to all its incredible sounds. Then before bed each night she would tell fantasy stories to her brother and sister. Thankfully the piano top stayed up and her stories were well received by her siblings and friends. Since then, (no surprise) a lifetime of music and storytelling unfolded. Hence, her books include The Case of the Flying Note, Adventure On A Blue Moon, Musical Tales and the Adventures of Hoody Hoody (a young girl) and Budhiem (her magical cat). In addition, Alice has been a lifelong reader of children’s literature and believes that “We are really all here to have a good time!”

When did you first know you wanted to become a writer?

When I was really young. You see, my mom was a writer, and to be like her, I started to write poems and stories. As a teen, young adult I became a working musician and wrote songs. Now I am back to writing stories in the form of musical fantasy books for young people. You can see my books at

What draws you to your particular genre? 

I used to entertain my younger sister and brother by telling them with fantasy stories I made up.  Now all of us write and my sister is my editor and my brother is my publisher. They are both well trained in these areas of the literary arts.

What can readers of The Aspiring Author Blog expect to gain from your posts?

1. Get ideas on where and how to come up with story ideas for children.
2. Learn the ins and outs of publishing and writing for children.
3. Enjoy the places I have discovered and use for my storybook ideas.

 What's one tip you have for aspiring authors in your genre?

Two tips:
1. Be the kid you once were. Remember what it was like, what you loved, what scared you and what you learned. Grab these ideas and write your stories. 
2. Many new writers believe they can edit their own books to save money, but in reality, they miss a lot. I’ve read a lot of manuscripts and have come to believe that a good editor is essential. Editors save authors from writing incomplete story descriptions, proofreading errors and discrepancies, unfinished ideas, wordiness and from writing things that don't make sense. I always think my manuscripts are perfect, when, in reality, I miss a lot. My editor helps me create stories that are professional and ones I can be proud of.

Alice will be posting on the third Wednesday of every month! Her first post will go up on June 20th! 

Please help us welcome Alice! Do you write Children's lit? What types of posts are you looking forward too?