Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Welcome S. A. Battaglia our new Thriller contributor!

S.A. Battaglia is an author based in Texas. He was born and raised in Los Angeles County, California. As a musician in his early 20’s, he and his bandmates traveled the U.S. coast to coast in a 15 passenger van, taking in the rich diversity along the way. In his late 20’s, he got married and relocated to Texas in pursuit of career and educational opportunities. After many hardships and setbacks, his launch as a professional fiction author is underway.

Follow along for progress updates on his debut novel: Lost Earth.

When did you first know you wanted to become a writer?

I see it as something I've always been. I wrote and illustrated (poorly) my first short story in first grade. In middle school, I discovered the desire to express my feelings in the form of love letters. To spice those up, I began to write poetry. After my first heartbreak, poetry became lyrics to songs I poured out on stage.

Writing is in me. My persistent love for story is what birthed the calling to create my own. I tried to contain writing as a hobby, but it had to be more. It could not be contained and bled into every facet of my life. Apart from family, writing is my life. I will do everything it takes to do it, to do it well, and to do it unto the benefit of my family.

 What draws you to your particular genre?

Whether it be books, music, food, or film, my tastes are incredibly diverse. I can appreciate quality work of any genre. 

I never considered genre when approaching writing. It wasn't until I began to produce stories that I noticed a pattern: I love to shock, move, inspire, and excite. I also love to speculate. This has manifested as sci-fi, thriller, and drama thus far. I want to take you on a ride, an adventure of the heart and mind.

 What can readers of The Aspiring Author Blog expect to gain from your posts?

My aim is to provide something meaningful and true—true in the sense that the information and tips in my posts will be what I've found helpful through my own research and experience. I have nothing to hide. I'll hold nothing back. Any insights I use for my own benefit will be shared freely in hopes to benefit others. Let's journey together.

What's one tip you have for aspiring authors in your genre?

Let every word be a conduit to the next. Everything must drive the story forward, even when you're unsure of the destination. The excitement of discovery along the way is the pay off for both you and your readers.

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