Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Welcome W. E. DeVore Our New Mystery Contributor!

W.E. DeVore is a musician, producer, and audio engineer. In her career as a musician and sometimes rock star babysitter, she has been fortunate to know some of the most entertaining and unique individuals that seem to only grow from the Louisiana soil. She’s also experienced some things that a nice Jewish girl from Montana probably shouldn’t know about - but it does make excellent fodder for a little fiction. DeVore has lived in Southeast Louisiana for the last two decades and currently lives in Baton Rouge, although her heart will always be in New Orleans - sweaty, dirty, crime-ridden, music-filled wonderland that it is.

The first three books of the Clementine Toledano Mysteries are available now (That Old Devil Sin, Devil Take Me Down, and Chasing Those Devil Bones). The fourth installment of Q’s misadventures, The Devil’s Luck, is due out Summer 2018.

When did you first know you wanted to become a writer?

When I was in first grade, I decided I wanted to be a writer and live in a lighthouse. But then, my brother did the most unkind thing and bought me Led Zeppelin’s Houses of the Holy for my ninth birthday and I was a goner for rock and roll. After spending my entire adult life either working for rockstars or struggling to be one myself, I hung up my Doc Martins, but still needed an outlet for my creativity. As it turns out, crafting a good book isn’t that much different from crafting a good lyric: you tell a story, you make someone else feel something, you try not to be cliché, you use words as the rhythmic pacing for the story you're telling.

What draws you to your particular genre?

Mystery fiction explores human motivation in a direct way. Why we, as a species, do the dark things that we do, but also, why, we as a species, try to stop bad things from happening. That sense of control that we all seek. That search for power. Examining the flaws and strengths that make us who we are. Also, I just love a good puzzle. There’s something so satisfying about being stumped until the last possible moment.

What can readers of The Aspiring Author Blog expect to gain from your posts?

Genre fiction, in general, is often downplayed as “beach reading”. It’s just for “fun” and not “real literature”. And I think there is a place for those kind of books. But I also think there is a place within those books to bend the genre and do more with it. So, I’ll be exploring the rules and where to break them. Also, character development and breathing life into the pages of whatever you’re writing.

What's one tip you have for aspiring authors in your genre?

Write the books that you want to read.

W. E. DeVore posts go up on the second Monday of each month.

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