Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Fantasy is Life

Okay, for sake of sounding like the millennial I am, please don't judge me by the title, it will make a whole lot more sense by the end of this post, at least I hope it will. Honestly, who knows with my scatterbrained multiple personalities.

Have you ever had a dream or aspiration and then someone came and told you that you're living in a fantasy world?

But what does that mean?

Sure take the easy way out with the answer "It means unrealistic", but who says?

Who determines what is and isn't realistic?

Okay so this post probably won't be exactly what you were expecting when you saw I was the featured fantasy writer, I can already tell.

Think back to the stone age of Y2K (and if you aren't aware of when that was, God help us all). Think of all the technology we didn't have access to. Cell phones were becoming more and more popular. Texting was a new feature that cell phones had and all the cool kids had it ;)

Now if you compare our phones today to the ones back then, wouldn't it seem like a fantasy world back then?

Here is a better example what about the Salem witch trials... what if those women were just innovators?

Yeah yeah I know there is historical facts and research done and blah blah blah... I don't wanna hear it.

Are you following where I'm going yet? Probably not because I tend to know what I'm talking about while leaving others confused, but let me further explain.

Dreams are fantasy, inspiration can be fantasy, everything in life is a fantasy at one point or another.
My favorite is when people like to ask what your fantasy is almost as if it will never come true, but here is my question, why?

Why have we allowed ourselves to be so close-minded that fantasies seem unattainable? Some might say because of limitations and what the world will physically allow. But that is constantly changing by the people who no longer believe the sky is the limit. People who push the boundaries of our reality, our scientists.

Now, in my opinion, science is just magic that we can understand at this point in time.
So you see fantasy is life. Fantasy is progression and the possibilities of life!!