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Author Interview with Allan Lewis

Yesterday we posted a book review of Allan Lewis' novel Serial Killer Incorporated. After learning of Allan's inspiring story of how he became an author I wanted to ask him some questions to help inspire and encourage aspiring authors of any age. 

1. Have you always wanted to be an author/writer?

From my teenage days back in the 1950’s I wanted to write adventure stories that kept popping into my head, I would buy a copybook and start writing what I thought would be a good story and before I finished the first chapter I would give in because of my poor English and grammar would let me down. And when I started work and going out with the wife I kind of gave up on the idea of being an author, but the stories were still popping into my head.

2. What did you find to be the hardest part of the writing process? 

Writing a book is the easy part, the hardest part for me is the book marketing side of the business, and it does my head in. Hours of work every day and very little too show for it.

3. How did the story ideas for your series come about?

I wanted to write a crime series something like “Castle” and “Lie To Me” where someone from the public helps the police solve crimes, and I thought if my character could have a gift of reading the criminal’s mind, and passing on that information to the police then it would be something new. So I came up with the idea of Joe the Magic Man Series, in book one you find out how Joe gets his gift after a freak near-death accident.

This is a review one reader gave me and it explains a little more about my book.  

By ROBERT L PENCE on June 14, 2015

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

Genre: Mystery, paranormal, erotic, gritty detective film noir.
Plot: A hypnotist bonds with Alice Timberlake and they form an alliance to use his talents to solve major crime mysteries, while eluding powerful government agencies that see his gift as a threat to national security and want him dead.
Review: A fascinating and very imaginative book about someone that can get in your dreams and guide them the way he wants. A hypnotist with telekinetic powers.
The author will keep you guessing up until the very end as to whether this person has good intentions or bad. The powerful hypnotist can be compared to Sherlock Holmes, not as a super deductive sleuth, but as someone solving mysteries with an addiction, sort of like kryptonite is to Superman. The hypnotist can be viewed as a perverted sex addict or as someone that provides erotic dream escapades. The women that receive the benefit of his dream therapy, or are victimized by his dream invasion, seem to fall under his spell and end up bonding with him. This goes contrary from the title as I felt that most of the women in the book didn't really want him out of their dreams.

Summary: This book will keep your interest all the way through. Good character development. Good plot development. Smooth writing. Maybe one grammatical error. Some British word references seem out of place for California, but do not deter from a good read. I could see this book easily made into a TV series.

4. What prompted you to start writing after you retired? 

I have been a coal miner all my working life and when I was busy filling drams of coal, those stories kept popping into my head day after day I would think about the story until thought it through to the end, and a week later I would come up with another story. The trouble was they were all in my head and not down in writing, and just after I retired my son asked me what am I going to do in my spare time, I told him that if my spelling and grammar wasn’t so poor I would try and write the stories that were in my mind. The very next day my son fetches me his old computer, and fixed it up and showed me how to use it, and said. Dad, there is a spellchecker that will correct your spelling, now write us those stories you have been telling us about. I wrote an adventure story first and then a crime story about a government assassin before I came up with the idea of Joe the Magic Man Series.

5. Has there been one character that is easier/ more fun to write than the others? 

One of the main charters in the series is Alice Timberlake a freelance journalist who ends up as Joe’s go-between with the FBI, and she finds out that part of Joe’s gift is to contact her telepathically at any time, and he frightens Alice every time he just speaks to her in her mind and no one near her can hear him. It freaks her out in the beginning but it is a big part of the story and it was enjoyable writing those scenes.

6. What plans do you have for the future? 

Book five in the series is still in the first draft and needs more work on it and hopefully will be out sometime next year. And I am working on book two in the series of “Joe’s Forbidden Dreams” and I am hoping to have that one out before Christmas.  Book one is out on Amazon and it is called “TALE OF THE INN KEEPER’S NIECE” it is an adult romance that has six, five stars review so far. ( ) This series is a spin-off from the first series where Joe uses his gift of getting into women’s minds, to take them on an erotic adventure. And I am thinking of doing a box set of the first three books of “GET OUT OF MY DREAMS”.

7. What advice would you give to aspiring authors?

If I can hang up my shovel and pick, and start writing late in life then anyone can. So my advice is to follow your dream like I did. If you want to know more about me and my books, have a quick look at my website,     

Allan J Lewis was born in South Wales UK, a son of a coal miner, in August 1939, just before the outbreak of World War 2. 
He started work underground for the National Coal Board on his fifteenth birthday. He married in March 1961 and has two children, a daughter and a son, and two grandchildren.
Deep down he always wanted to be a writer but he felt thwarted by his lack of education. He would write a few pages and give up, frustrated by spelling and grammar. (This was before the days of personal computers.) As a young man he didn’t have much time to read or write. He was working two shifts on the coalface, and when his daughter came along he got himself another job as a part-time fireman.
By the time he was in his late forties and his two children had married, he found time to start reading again. He enjoyed the adventure novels of Wilbur Smith and the works of James Patterson and Lee Child. He loves a good crime thriller.
The pleasure he found in reading rekindled his desire to write.
He would create stories in his head, but did not put pen to paper in earnest until he retired. Allan has written two books a Mystery/Thriller and an Erotic/Romance. 

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