Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Book Review of The Devil's Luck by W. E. DeVore

New Orleans musician Clementine “Q” Toledano is having a hell of a day. After months on tour with her band, she discovers that she’s unexpectedly expecting her first child, and promptly stumbles upon yet another dead body. 

As she spirals down into a maudlin funk brought on by impending motherhood, her best friend, NOPD Homicide Detective Aaron Sanger, enlists her help once more to investigate the apparent suicide. The two of them discover a crime ring that could get them both killed if an obsessed fan doesn't get to Q first. 

When both your career and your amateur sleuthing could get you murdered, becoming a housewife doesn’t look so bad. 

*We were given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

I love everything there is to love about this series! While this book is the fourth book in the Clementine Toledano Mysteries it can be read as a stand-alone. I myself haven't read the pervious three books but I am adding them to my list. 

The book starts off with a lot of drama which draws the reader into the life of Q quickly. The mystery of her friend's death and what Q and Aaron stumble upon is enough to keep the reader wanting more. Add on the relationship dynamics present in the story and you have a book you can't put down. 

What I enjoyed the most about this book was the level of character development. Each character not only has their own unique voice, but mannerisms, way of talking, and dressing. This level of detail gives the reader lots of indirect insights into who these characters are and what they care about. 

While the story does focus on the mystery Q and Aaron stumble into, other elements are brought up and addressed, such as Q finding out she's pregnant when she is about to go on a big tour with the famous Dark Harm band. For me, these elements kept the story grounded in reality and made the story more real. I found myself eagerly wanting to learn clues about the mystery, but also about the relationships. 

Anyone who enjoys mysteries, stories about strong female characters, or stories with lots of drama this is a book you really need to check out! 

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W.E. DeVore is a musician, producer, and audio engineer who currently pays the bills by writing technical manuals and specifications for professional audio products. In her career as a musician and sometimes rock star babysitter, she has been fortunate to know some of the most entertaining and unique individuals that seem to only grow from the Louisiana soil. She's also experienced some things that a nice Jewish girl from Montana probably shouldn't know about - but it does make excellent fodder for a little fiction. DeVore has lived in Southeast Louisiana for the last two decades and currently lives in Baton Rouge, although her heart will always be in New Orleans - sweaty, dirty, crime-ridden, music-filled wonderland that it is.

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