Friday, November 2, 2018

Asking the Big Questions

One thing that I love about science fiction and is one of the biggest draws for me, is that science fiction stories have the capacity to ask and explore the larger questions in life. These stories dare us to think deeper and open our minds up to possibilities of what the answer could be to these big questions. 

Think of The Twilight Zone or Black Mirror and how they twist reality to explore what society could be like if certain things were different. These stories push the reader to extremes, but that's why we like them, we want to be pushed. Just like those who like to be scared watch/read horror stories. 

Emotion in Genres

Each genre evokes emotions from us. Romance can be heartwarming, steamy, or give us the peace that only a happy ending can give. Action excites our adrenaline and adventure side, while drama can bring up empathy, justice, and morals. While science fiction feeds our curiosity and sense of wonder. 

Each genre can have a mix of emotions, but in general, we know what to expect when we read or watch a story in that genre. When a writer decides they want to write science fiction, they have to be aware of what larger question their story will answer. Could be as simple as, What will society be like in 200 years? Answering even simple questions takes on answering more questions, as the writer has to compile how they think each aspect of our current society would evolve. For me, this means lots of research in history, science, philosophy, and psychology to help me get a complete picture of where society could go in 200 years. 

It can seem daunting at first tackling life's larger questions, but that is the freedom science fiction gives a writer. For me, the point is not to try to find the perfect answer to these big questions, but to simply ask them, putting them in the mind of my readers. 

So take the plunge! Dig deep and see what questions you have for the universe and turn it into a story.