Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Book Review of Scarlet Reign, Malice of the Dark Witch by R. D. Crist with GIVEAWAY!

After the unexplainable death of her mother on the eve of Natalie’s fourteenth birthday, she is suddenly forced to grow up. Compelled to leave her dismal and deceptive life behind by a mysterious woman who claims to be an old relative, Natalie carries with her the highly coveted, scarlet stoned ring she reluctantly retrieved from her mother upon her death. 

Following Natalie’s irreversible decision, she unexpectedly finds herself alone and thrust into a peculiar all female orphanage where her arrival was strangely anticipated by the inhabitants, and greeted by some with ire. Ultimately, young Natalie must quickly learn to fend for herself against bullies, unexplained forces, a male suitor, and something lurking for revenge. Does she have both the strength and resolve, and can she set the past aside, to uncover the secrets necessary in order to fulfill her destiny?

*We were given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

There is so much to love about this story! From the writing itself to the twisting plotline. I loved Natalie and joining her on her journey to find the truth of who she is and what she is capable of. 

This story starts off with a lot of urgency. As a reader, I quickly got caught up in Natalie and Ava's escape and the many mysterious things that happen along the way. I enjoyed seeing Natalie grow up quickly. For me, the process of her growing felt natural and helped me bond with her as the main character. The reader knows as much as she does, and it keeps you wanting to know more. 

This is a well-written coming of age story with lots of mystery and adventure to keep the reader always at the ready. While set in the present day the story takes on the same feel as a fantasy novel, as Natalie goes on a journey to the orphanage. I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone. 

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R.D. Crist is a psychotherapist who generates creativity via long walks and majestic views of nature. True inspiration to write, however, derives from personal hardships that have sparked a desire to help others manage life’s various struggles.

Although R.D. Crist has only released one book, three have been written and several more begun, which span a variety of genres.  The focus of these stories are intended to center on Crist’s favorite dynamics of a story – personal conflict, relationship development, inner growth, and social revelation.  Each story is created with a greater purpose to stimulate a person to reflect on common challenges, be they personal, interactive, or in principle.

Childhood influences include Ray Bradbury stories and character conflict movies like Twelve Angry Men.

Socializing, listening to people’s stories, spending time with family, and relentlessly exercising (as if those last ten pounds cared) are some of Crist’s favorite ways to pass the day.

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