Monday, March 25, 2019

Book Review of Unspoke (UnPoetry Book 1) by Luna Kayne

There is a silent strength in submission. This is the second book from Luna Kayne and includes a collection of poetry and prose, random thoughts and words.

This is a wonderful, delightful, and sensual collection of poetry that can be devoured in one sitting. The back and forth between the lovers and the rawness is enticing. 

Even if you're not much of poetry reader, I feel anyone who enjoys reading romance or erotica would also enjoy this book. The words go deeper than just surface level love, with the two lovers communicating their desires to know each other on every level, heart, and soul.

So if you want to add a little spice to your day, or just simply lay back and have a quick read that will get your mind and heart stimulated, Unspoke is worth it! 


LUNA KAYNE is the author of the romantic suspense novel, Controlling Interests. Other published works include poetry, prose and numerous novelettes in the Bedtime Stories for Grown-Ass Adults series. 

Writing from her home on an acreage in Manitoba, Canada, she can always be found with a cup in her hand. Whether it's coffee or wine just depends on the time of day.

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