Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Guest Post: Going Pro, by Author Cameron J. Quinn with GIVEAWAY!

We’ve all heard the quote by Richard Bach “A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.” Those words are true. If you don’t quit, you will get there. But how do you actively pursue an author career?

There are two steps that you need to repeat over and over to “go pro” in the literary game along with not quitting. 

1. Show up: You need to show up every day. Life happens. Sometimes life happens hard and you don’t show up again for six months. If you did that in any other career, you wouldn’t have a position to come back to. But writing is patient and will wait for you. Your career won’t. Like any business, you need to work at it every day. Showing up is half the battle.  

2. Do the work: Doing the work means meeting deadlines, writing every day to create a consistent habit, and listening to the experts. Pro’s don’t miss deadlines. They show up and they do the work. They show up every day. And they listen to the people around them. That doesn’t mean blindly following every scattered piece of advice of course. But it does mean that if someone has more experience than you, you need to be listening to them and seriously considering what they’re saying.

3. Bonus tip-Inch Forward: Starting out can be hard. Especially if you’ve been recently derailed by a life event (having my second child took me out of the game for more than two years, it happens). If that’s the case, start small. Write fifty words every day. Chances are most days you’ll sit down, get your fifty words and keep trucking. But on the off days, the days you’d rather hide in a pile of blankets with your dog, a bowl of popcorn, and a new Netflix show, you can get your fifty words and then get the R&R you need without the guilt of not showing up, and not doing the work. Small things consistently over time equals big results. 

Both of these concepts are thrown around a lot on the internet but remembering to inch forward and know that you can do these things slowly over time, can help you go from amateur to pro, without wanting to quit. 

Resources: Running Down a Dream by Tim Grahl, Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield

Cameron J Quinn is the award-winning author of The Starsboro Chronicles. She lives in southern New Hampshire with her Marine husband and three children.                                           Cameron loves writing as both an escape from reality and just a good time. She likes to add humor to tough situations and put her otherwise fantastical characters into real-world situations.
She’s currently rewriting her Starsboro Chronicles to clean them up a bit (you learn a lot in three in years in this industry) and a new paranormal romance series. 

When she isn’t writing, wrangling her kids and various pets, she’s helping authors find success in this crazy industry! 

You can grab a free copy of her book How to Get Kicked Out of School when you sign up for her mailing list.

She’s the co-founder of Amphibian Press and runs as well as organizing book reviews and a podcast if author interviews.

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