Monday, April 1, 2019

Book Review of Tree of Life by Sarah Joy Green

"Your god is sick!"

A religio-political civil war destroyed democracy, and the fanatical usurpers closed the nation's borders and instituted a theocratic oligarchy.

Two centuries later, a quiet rebellion brews.

Born hidden in the shadow of the forest, an herbalist is abducted and swallowed by a toxic society that values her only for the pleasure she can provide.

Two brothers, raised in a privileged military family, struggle to turn a blind eye to the violence and injustice perpetrated by the powerful leaders they serve and are destined to become.

The survivor of a government massacre, a young man lives as a fugitive. A supernatural experience leads him into the arms of conspiracy theorists aiming for a religious coup.

Life's twisted road of suffering brings them together. Cultures clash, enemies become friends, faith and unbelief are challenged, and a body of leaders with the power to kill and withhold the afterlife leads the way to the light of an angry deity no one truly knows . . . but everyone hopes is on their side.

*We were given a copy of this book in exchange for our honest review*

This book was one of those that is hard to put down. I stayed up late into the night several times reading this book.

Tree of Life is a fast-moving book, with each chapter giving you clues and information on what is going on in this world. Hesper especially is a wonderful character to follow as we learn about the world outside the forest. Cole and David give us insight into the world outside the forest, both wanting to do what's right but struggling to figure that out within the confines of their government and religion. 

This is really a story of seeking truth and how to act once you find it. I really enjoyed that Hesper and Cole had different views and perspectives yet still were in love and respected each other. 

This book reminded me of The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood, though there is plenty of differences. If you enjoyed The Handmaid's Tale you will certainly enjoy Tree of Life! 

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Sarah Joy Green-Hart grew up in a restauranteur family in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, waiting tables in between reading, writing, acting, petting cows, and dancing with flocks of cats.

After earning an A.A. in Theology and cultivating an adequate taste for the artistic, the eclectic, and the odd, Sarah’s family—with a proper advanced warning—released the Sarah-Kraken on a gentleman with an affectionate interest in said Kraken.

Sarah now homeschools four wee wolf cubs by day and howls at the bookish moon in her laptop by night with Earl Grey (and a few of his friends) at her side.

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