Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Guest Post by Author Leah Penn with GIVEAWAY!

Staying true to your writing as you take the road to self-publishing

I never know what to say in a guest post that hasn’t been said already to inspire the indie-writer. I find myself swamped by great minds saying it better so I tend to write what I’m feeling at the time. So here goes.

This writing business is a minefield. You self-publish thinking your book is going to blow people’s minds then find the true work is just beginning. After creating your ‘masterpiece’, you’re hoping every avid reader will be looking for that fresh revealing read wanting to be blown away by your book. But it doesn’t happen.

Once your book hits the digital stores, you’re left wandering a scorching landscape to find your audience (because your book won’t be for everyone), and discover along the way, others of the same ilk while soaking up everything publishing-bibles have to offer.

Marketing your work beside finding reviewers and networking on social-media (never mind your niche which can be dark, popular, or controversial), self-publishing is a ‘24 hour 7 day week’. Phew! So when I come across authors with spouses, children, pets, and full-time employment, I’m aghast where they find time to write. With our lives a constant 24/7 and being told to consume each step we take, I decided to ‘take a step back’ and see what I really wanted from my remaining years on this fantastic planet.

And it wasn’t much either; stay in good health, love my mum and sis, and write. Just write the stuff I enjoy reading; realistic, honest, and uncompromising storytelling.

We all want to share our stories and have many discussing our work because we want to know what people think so that we’ll grow and learn from the experience. The joy of knowing someone laughed or cried due to your words is uplifting, and a bonus if they find it different.

We writers who self-publish are foolishly brave to share our tales with the world. Opening our hearts outside of the family is a scary prospect but we won’t listen to inner-demons telling us so - no, we allow the outer-ones who enjoy seeing us take the knocks and scrapes, win every time. Therefore we write and keep on writing, and researching and marketing, and spring back up when we get knocked down.

Be you an introvert or extrovert, reach out and connect with anything to do with publishing. Keep going, believe in yourself, believe the story you tell and build those writing-bridges along the way.

A final word; let’s connect, support indie works, shout about it, get others shouting too, and be joyed someone’s words touched your soul. But mostly, keep writing, because it’s a lovable hard slog. 

I live in London, UK, though I’m a northern-born gal and my mum and sister are my loves. I’m putting the finishing touches to a third book soon to self-publish, then will rework my first novel to clean it up a touch (be humbled knowing you can improve that first publication) as I’m only really starting to learn this business.

Writing stories that stray from mainstream populism and challenge long-held views, my characters break tradition and hoping too, their narrative is like no other.

Whilst myself an introvert yet I love to write, my third book - a piece autobiographical - will reveal more about me than perhaps I should share. 

Website:  Love and tragedy 
Twitter:   Leah Penn (@leahpenn7) | Twitter 


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