Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Book Review of The Arasmith Certainty Principle by Russ Colson

A geology grad student with a spiritual bent and a mystic from the Pleistocene find a modern skeleton in ancient rock and must risk their friendship to save the world from an unexpected danger lurking within the laws of physics. 

Jen Hewitt, a quiet geology graduate student, doesn't actually believe in time travel. Were it possible, rocks from the age of dinosaurs should already be cluttered with artifacts from future time-tourists. Nevertheless, she proves with fellow geologist Jonathan Renner that a human skeleton encased in Pleistocene rock came from their own time. Their work, coupled with fundamental research by physicist Susan Arasmith, reveals an unexpected character to the universe that carries them from the safe world of science into a struggle with powers and possibilities they hadn't imagined. The three friends, along with Kar-Tur, a frightening mystic from the ancient past, learn that discovery is sometimes as much about faith as knowledge, and that friendship and love are often found where least expected.

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*We were given a copy of this book in exchange for our honest review*

As a huge fan of all things science fiction, I was super excited to read this book, and it did not disappoint! For me, this book had all the goodies a sci-fi fan would want. Right out of the gate I loved the premise of the book. A geologist finds a modern human skeleton in 40,000-year-old rock?! Sign me up!

Not only does this book have a superb premise, but the characters are fleshed out as well. I loved how the chapters jump from person to person, giving the reader insights into their lives and thoughts. 

This story moves quickly as well, which is always something I enjoy. I may not have understood all of the science terms or language, but Colson explains the experients and concepts in a way that an average Joe could understand and appreciate. 

Fans of sci-fi, speculative and just plain adventure will love this book. Time travel, government conspiracies, and romance are just the tip of the iceberg with this book. 

Russ Colson is a scientist, teacher, author, gardener, and grandfather living in northwest Minnesota, far enough from city lights to see the Milky Way and the Aurora Borealis. During the dark northern winters, he teaches planetary science, meteorology, and geology at Minnesota State University Moorhead. In summers, he writes, gardens, and collaborates with undergraduate students on research projects in experimental planetary geochemistry. In 2010, he was selected by the Carnegie Foundation and CASE as US Professor of the Year.

Before coming to Minnesota, he worked at the Johnson Space Center in Texas and at Washington University in St. Louis where, among other things, he studied how a lunar colony might mine oxygen from the local rock. In addition to science fiction books and books on Earth Science and gardening, he has published a variety of technical papers, science fiction short stories, and essays on earth science education.

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