Thursday, August 8, 2019

Book Review of Fingerprinted Hearts by Amy Spitzfaden

Sisters Fawn and Penny Anderson each have their own reason for loving More Please Bakery. It's the place that helped Fawn heal after earth-shattering betrayal, and an escape from Penny's stalling relationship. But Fawn can't forget her bittersweet history with the bakery's handsome owner, Penny has a growing interest in the delivery boy, and the shop's bank account is getting low.

When Penny lands them a celebrity client, reality TV star Delaney Roosevelt, Fawn dives in headfirst trying to come up with the perfect design. However, pleasing the starlet isn't easy and soon heartbreak and scandal descend on the shop.

As the sisters face their romantic and professional demons they are forced to decide what is worth holding onto, and what they need to let go.

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*We were given a copy of this book in exchange for our honest review.*

Boston. Bakery. I mean if you know anything about me (and you probably don't) you'll know that I not only live and work in Boston but I used to be a baker! I was drawn to this book. I was especially interested in seeing how an author would describe things I know so well. Well, first and foremost, I think this story is the story of family and sisterhood. Amy does a great job of presenting a sister dynamic. There is the older more put together sister and the younger one in college, and they are both relatable. There are also the men in their lives: the dad, the boss, the delivery boy, the boyfriend.  

I liked that there is no one just unlikeable for the sake of being unlikeable; everyone seems like a real person, whether they struggled with inner demons or were pursuing their goals. The characters had real struggles and things to overcome; read victories and defeats; real moments of epiphany, and lived real everyday snippets of life.

My favorite part of any story is the characters, and Amy did a great job of establishing characters that were not only intriguing but realistic and had everyday smarts. It was great to escape into this book and re-live my time as a baker... not to mention a college student. It was charming and completely engulfed me.

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Amy Spitzfaden graduated with a literature and writing degree from Maharishi University of Management in 2012 and now lives in Temple, New Hampshire with her husband, Ravi. She works as an editor and social media manager at PSCS Consulting in Peterborough.

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